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Puzzle x restaurant game!

Brought to you by E.K.Corporation aka Puzzling! I guess it make sense that they release it under the alternate name since it could get quite Puzzling. lol Joke asides, I came across is as I was doing the past few posts. lol Interestingly it's voiced too!

If you're a fan of puzzles/restaurant game with a story then this is the game for you!
The cafe changes every time depending on your current cafe layout!

Mariners burger is a new burger shop with a theme of the battleship Mikasa that opened among many other hamburger shops at Kanagawa prefecture in the Yokosuka city. And you are the new manager of Mariners burger as of today! Work along side with 2 staff members with Oobi Tomoya and Chiyaku Ryuji with the aim to win the National Food Championship in the burger category...

There are more characters than I originally thought there was! I mean, the app information only showed one seiyuu on the first few screen shots! I admit I was sold based on the first few screen shots and didn't notice the last screen shot containing more characters and seiyuus! lol But I know it when I heard Saitou Souma's voice!

Oobi Tomoya (CV: Yamashita Daiki)
Chiyaku Ryuji (CV: Ishikawa Kaito)
Kokura Masato (CV: Saitou Souma)
Settsu Kyousuke (CV: Uchida Yuuma)
Hiruma Kiyoteru (CV: Umehara Yuuichirou)

Not sure if I have all their names spell correctly, since they didn't give the hiragana readings after the first two original staff members! lol

You could select your favourite character to assist you in the kitchen or at the shop front! There are voiced greetings on your first screen when you log in and compliments from the character working with you while you solve the puzzle!

Puzzle part
The normal puzzle for burgers involve match 3 or more of the food blocks by swapping two adjacent blocks to clear within the move limit. The drinks requests are to be cleared within time limit so is slightly different compared to the burger puzzles. Luckily the drinks requests doesn't come too often.


Earn 3 stars high scores in order to learn the recipes and cook it without the need for use of hearts. Hearts takes 15 minutes to replenish 1, up to a maximum of 10. Heart is required to create new recipes and until you earn 3 stars scores, you will still need to use heart to play the stage!

Restaurant part
Queues are form as the cafe increases in popularity so you should ensure you have enough seats! To be honest, the furniture are here to rip you off! from your hard earned money! lol

You need live to learn new recipes. Customers that wants food that's already learn, you could instantly serve them (provided you have stock though).

The Marine aspect and the Sailor uniform feels abit redundant when you lack the funds to decorate... lol Fun fact, there is actually a restaurant by the same name! This one have more story than the Beast Darling puchi (See my post here)! haha Not to mention how easy it is to get the three star rating! Ok, it changed my mind after I reach level 20+ burger but still! lol

Thank God that there's no ingredients costs! This is a fully profitable restaurant! Never did I think making burgers could get so complicated! They probably just require proper management of their stocks. lol No costs are involved (even staff members are free lol) apart from the kitchen appliances upgrades! It was interesting that you could move furniture even when the customer is sitting on it. The downside is that they leave your shop once you place the chair down. lol I find moving the chairs closer to the door make them come and go faster! Obviously I had fun with the restaurant aspect! XD

Tomoya's impressed reaction is pretty cute. lol Although you could change your staff, but I feel that more love was given to Tomoya when designing them. XD

But personal favourite is Masato from the moment I saw him! I love his personal outfit more than the Marine outfit...

I love how there is a story to this one and you learn more about your staffs as you level up by making more burgers! Not to mention I don't particularly understand how the staff's recommended deco could assist the shop (skill up when doing the puzzle)! Apparently if you have the deco item Jukebox, you could head them say welcome to the shop! But not that I have that kind of funds to get them. lol I'm happy with the standard!

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