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English learning game

Brought to you by Summer Vacation! Just as Australia is heading towards summer and holiday season, I came across this game! What got me interested was the characters designs (Although they're designed by various different artists, they all have their own charms) but more importantly, because it's a great opportunity for me to practice my Japanese vocabulary! XD
You would have thought they're the main characters or the NPCs... but nope. lol

Zero is a virtual space in which characters of game application are reproduced by advanced technology. It is known in the real world that it is a program that influence the character's Cocoro. Seven Stars is a group of 7 popular characters who protects the 7 different areas in Zero. One day, an unknown character - Mega - appeared and bug of character's data begin to take shapes and causes restlessness to Cocoro. By chance you entered Zero and rescued a mysterious girl called Puria who have no memories and was being attacked by Mega. She and Kumaho seek your help to correct the bug by answering the panels correctly with your English skills...

Puria (CV: Hayami Saori)
Kumaho (CV: Kugimiya Rie)
Irene (CV: Hikasa Youko)
Clive (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)
Beatrice (CV: Ueda Kana)
Hoshijo Ai (CV: Asumi Kana)
Sid (CV: Uchida Yuuma)
Genji (CV: Nakata Jouji)
Pino (CV: Morohoshi Sumire)

Create a team according to the stage elements to allow higher scores and ease completion! They do remind you on the top left hand corner in case you forget.

Water (Blue) > Fire (Red) > Wood (Green) > Water (Blue)
Light (Silver) > Dark (Purple) > Light (Silver)


Choose your question from the 4 topics panels provided. Each have a percentage of success (i.e. They're graded with difficulties) and element card that it'll use for the activity (Attack/Defense/SP). The effectiveness is graded by time it takes to correctly answer the question chosen. When you have correctly answered the question, you will be able attack and clear the stage!

* Login daily for bonuses!
* Watch an ad every 4 hours to gain bonuses! I love the fact that it asked if you want to when you first login!
* Play as many stages as you could when you still have AP, as it gives you bonus Star Diamonds for gacha for limited time only as a newbie!
* Play the quizzes with elemental advantages! Should take into consideration the rate of success though.
* Equip characters with character skills that could reduce the number of incorrect options!
* Make (Powerful) friends! Best to get the element that you're missing in each round, if not the one that's best for battling against the boss! In most cases it's best to have all elements for each stage, otherwise by answering the question may not be as effective as it could not trigger skills!
* Using your friends as support for the day would gives you 60 FP, subsequent use will give you 10FP. Other non friend players gives you 30FP. So it's worth while doing the math for more material gacha!
* Don't forget to play event / arena / missions for bonus items and cards!

Gameplay reminds me of 18 Kimi to Tsunagaru Puzzle (See my post here) with the cards and their elements, except, it has a much shorter and different gameplay (I get abit confused with the whole skill up. lol It's easier in 18!)! Not to mention I think I got more out of it with the different categories of the quiz! The ones that I have more difficulty with was Japanese English, since they're not entirely the same as English words! You could get away with similar starting or ending of the word.

Just looking at Puria without content, she looks like she's from Pokemon! XD She's the usual loli without memories tagging along with Protag in the virtual world...

I find it relatively addictive since each game is relatively short (3-4 stages/questions depending how powerful your team is) and at the same time I feel like I've learn a new word. Repetition helps. But in most cases, option C is the key to go!

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