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Read a news! Deadline Post-it

So... I was kinda bored and read the news paper. Found this news about a guy upload his university project on to Youtube and it reached so many hits within 2 weeks that CNN and Microsoft was interested in him. And so I went onto youtube looking for this video to see what the fuss is about...
DEADLINE Post-it I love the raining part the best. XD At first, I thought he done it all himeslf. But he had help. :/ Nevertheless, you could tell when looking at the video that they put alot of effort into it. Apparently it took 3 months to do it. I wish I could do something so awesome too, but I won't be able to do it since I'd rather be an audience than to take part. (This person is lazy orz)

Apart from that video, I found another one on Post it notes. Extreme Sticky Note Experiments This is is even more awesome! XD They move! So colourful too. I agree with someone's comment on how these Post it note makes the boring office looks fun. :D They should make it into a ad. *nod*

Another video on Post it notes. Marriage Proposal with Post it I could see the effort put into it. The bathroom become fully yellow. Though I would prefer some other colour. lol But man, he manage to write on every single piece of the post it notes! So touching to see that he had done it all himself. It was kinda funny in the first part where the note fell off the wall one by one. I wonder what's the difference between that room's wall and the bathroom's wall. And a more important question is that, I wonder if they took a shower that night since I'm sure they would want the memorable moment to last.

Now I wanna use Post it note to do something too...


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