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Brought to you by DMM Games! DMM actually have alot of great games, such as Touken Ranbu, Icchibanketsu and Bungo to Alchemist! To be honest, I never really stick to playing the mentioned games for a very long duration. Maybe because of the poor rolls that I generally get, if not just the fact that I get kicked out of the game from time to time... lol Hopefully this will change my mind.
Colour coded characters for ease of remembering them...

On the first day of high school, Moriyama Akane (name changeable) became classmate with Hoshino Kureha, who claim he will join the Idol Club. However, they later discovered that the Idol Club does not exist on the club list! After class, Akane went to join the Student Council, however her childhood friend Shinome Sho questioned if Akane really wanted to join. She soon found Kureha and apparently the Idol Club have only five members and had very little influences, not to mention they didn't have a teacher in charge!

After getting a teacher and four new members, Akane decided to become the manager of the school’s Idol Club with 9 guys with the aim to win in the national championship - Star Live!

Hoshino Kureha (CV: Suzuki Yuto)
Tsujiishi Kaito (CV: Masuda Toshiki)
Igarachi Kazuyuki (CV: Enoki Junya)
Sukurai Toma (CV: Aoi Shouta)
Muko Aoi (CV: Komoto Keisuke)
Shido Toya (CV: Kimura Subaru)
Kurenai Yuki (CV: Kiriake Shou)
Arizumi Subaru (CV: Ihara Shin)
Asada Yoichi (CV: Ono Yuki)

Shinome Sho (CV: Fukuyama Jun)
Haine Katsuki (CV: Kisho Taniyama)

Interestingly enough, one of the side character Nishikura Tao never made it in the prologue. But he's on the official website. I wonder if they added him after...?

4 buttons to tap in accordance to the right timing. Sometimes you need to hold the button.

Recommended card is chosen automatically for those who don't really know which cards to use or doesn't have a favourite character card. Not to mention you could have duplicated member on the team! Currently, there are approximately 10+ songs with four difficulties ranging from easy to hard.

Great to see optimistic with new club members... only if they are accepted in the first place. lol

Main story is for player to rank up by playing live and are fully voiced! Apart from the main stories, there are side stories to increase relationship and secret story are unlocked as you level up your cards!

Take on requests such as interviews where you choose 2/9 characters to participate. Depending on your character choice, the conversation will change. Once you finish the request you get items for leveling up character cards!

The Note PC on the home screen allows you to watch Radio (Introduction to users and suggestions for next topics. If it gets chosen, you will earn star points) / Music (Listen to songs played in Live without limit so you could learn all the lyrics) / SNS (See Instagram photographs) contents.

* Add friends! Here's my friend ID: 1FQL7KMELN
* You have a limit of 7 days to complete the tutorial and then 10 roll gacha! There is unlimited re-rolls in the celebration as you become the Manager, so make sure you make the most out of it! Don't settle for less than 2 5 stars cards! My best attempt was 2 5 stars and 3 4 stars cards! But I got greedy and kept rolling... XD
* You could adjust the speed for higher difficulties!
* Make use of auto play (Only unlocked after scoring for each song)! Though the scoring isn't as generous as the Shin Tennis no Oujisama Rising Beat (See my post here).

Overall, it reminds me of Dream Festival! (See my post here) which have gone out of service already. XD Despite that, Dream Fest still goes on with anime and various events.

I love the little touch when you're downloading the data, you could "Like" the character Instagram photographs! Also get to see whose the most favourite character. lol Funny enough, it's not the main character (I normally see the first character or who frequently appears as the main character) from year 1! The story log is also very cute since unlike other games, this one included their chibi faces, so it's like reading their SNS messages when you read the logs!

Personal favourites are the third year students, particularly Asada! Although I did give up on the gacha roll when I managed to get 2 5 stars and 4 4 stars cards! XD Though saying that, 2 of the 4 stars card was of Asada! I guess in the end it works out since the team is made up of 6 character cards!

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