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Brought to you by DeareaD but released as Whomor Inc! It's been a while since I last play their games (Namely Ikemen Cafe no Otome Cafe ma cherie, see my post here), but don't get me wrong, all their titles are decent apart from the minor bugs! Not to mention all the titles are in English!

Read on for a short post, since it's better for you to read their games than my introduction post. lol I would write prologue for the individual titles if I do get to them, but probably not for this one.

List of available titles
* Otome of Ikemen cafe
* Princess To Be
* Sengoku love
* Prince of the Resort
* Love Ice Rink
* Monster's first love
* Together in the sky
* A.I. -A New Kind of Love

Their First Page of Love and The legendary love story are currently not available.

As with their titles, the prologues are free and you get 5 free diamonds (tickets) daily to proceed with the chosen route (3 per story) story. You get to earn diamonds by viewing a short ad, up to a maximum of 3 times a day. The free diamonds are shown as blue and the paid diamonds are shown as red.

Personal favourite route by looks. lol

Don't forget to look out for box on the continue screen for the lucky chance which only appears twice a day! Unlike the story diamonds, this one requires you to share on one of the various SNS!

I like it how the continue page is consistent between the various titles

This one reminds me of My Lovey: Your otome story (See my post here), except there is no mini game involve and straight to the story! Though I thought it would have been nice to be able to change between the different languages (I would have chosen Japanese to see the difference in translation between original Japanese to English).

As good as they are now all in one app, you actually suffer from having to share the free story diamonds between all these stories now! Since there are so many different titles, the amount of ticket given is not as efficient as their individual titles. That said, to play the full listing of their titles, you're better off being an Android user! Not to mention, they actually release more of their titles on Android than on iOS, which iOS currently only have 4 of the 10 titles available. But otherwise, this one is the one you could go for if you're a iOS users. I guess it makes you spend more on paid diamonds in one go since you could use it between all the stories...

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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