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Brought to you by Septeni Crossgate Co. Ltd! It's not surprising to see me play it given there are alot of spin offs out there. Not to mention this one is an otome game too!

Though this has got to be the fastest game to be put off the shelf in the story, I mean even the producer mentioned it. That's right, this post is a result of their company's tweet of the end of service date being 14/12/2018. Which means, you have just abit over a week to play the game if you haven't come across it previously!
To be honest I thought Hal was heroine... lol

Having received a letter from Uncle George a man who have been looking after for her since when she was young, Alice (Name changeable) have been running the cafe as he will be overseas for a little while. Before his departure, he left behind the book titled Alice in Wonderland which the story was different compared to the usual as it is a version from his hometown where a brave hero called Alice who brought peace to the wonderland once more with magical powers and the support from 6 young man who fought against the Queen that turned evil due to the lost of heart.

As Alice rush after him to return the book, she was transported into the strange world where trump soldiers attack her and there she met 6 young man who fought against them...

It was interesting to see English voices on their official site! But as usual, I'm focused on the Japanese seiyuu.

Luna (CV: Ichikawa Taichi)
Mad hatter (CV: Okamoto Shinobu)
Toys (CV: Ichikawa Taichi)
Oruga (CV: Furukawa Makoto)
Cheshire (CV: Nishiyama Koutaro)
Hal (CV: Yamaya Yoshitaka)
Jack (CV: Suwabe Junichi)

Sub Characters

Is this some sort of spoiler...? That Toys and Luna share the same seiyuu. lol

I guess I was abit surprised with the gameplay as a farm running game! XD

Generally tap and slide to do all the farming works.

The aim is to fulfill quests from the characters by harvesting crops and looking after the farm animals and produce more resources! Leveling up would unlock main stories, and fulfilling quests will increase the love meters and unlock character stories!

* Login daily for bonuses!
* You could skip the stories completely since they don't offer you special bonuses.
* Don't forget to clear requests! You can only clear one after another when the Pink delivery swan comes back!
* Don't forget to go back to the cafe to clear challenge! So sad they don't offer the collect all reward button. orz

Abit weird how the auto function doesn't work during the Alice in Wonderland story. lol I guess it forces you to really read their "original" version of the Alice in Wonderland. Funny enough, apart from the Luna, Mad Hatter, trumps, Jack and the Queen, the characters are original...?

Tea time is battle free time, and most of the time within the game. Though I wish they have some sort of invasion happening which may causes damages to the village. Because somehow I feel that the village was happy the way it was already! And mind you, the village just consist of you and the 6 characters (Plus Luna)! XD

I love how you wouldn't usually eat candy from strangers... but since Hal did the taste test, I guess it's alright. lol The blushing faces wasn't overly obvious on the character to be honest. lol Can't even tell when they're struggling or being embarrassed, I only notice it when they mentioned it and I was like "OH! they are too". lol I have yet to find out who daddy long legs Uncle George is, or if he have any play in the main story... but I guess time is limited for us to find out!

Official Site

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