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Zombie Survival!

Brought to you by Lucy Dream but released as Storytaco.inc! I swear the drawing reminds me of Miss Detective's Undercover (See my post here) and the vibe tells me this is a spin off company of Days7 ! XD Perhaps because it does not focus on the romance part of the story thus it's released under this company name instead? I did want to read into it but it didn't help that I don't know Korean. lol I should really start learning it!

I had to play this one since the Walking Dead tv series just hit its season break. Which means, I have more time to post or simply procrastinate! lol
I love how the cover will change base on the route you have unlocked! This is what it looks like before routes are slowly unlocked. I guess it does looks more creepy when it's empty...

Few days ago there was a sudden outbreak of an unknown virus where people turned into zombies after being in contact via blood or saliva. Some days passed, you headed into the grocery to seek more food but was attack by a zombie. Luckily you were saved by five guys who happened to passed by. They've been concealing themselves safely in a school building with other survivors... but, is this place really safe for all of them?


Side characters

Yes I do, and it's all in this post. lol

Pick one of the character (route) to continue! Choose between the 2-3 options which will increase the love meter for different characters. You could change between routes during the night patrol but you should also choose to clear one route after another which is the golden rule in otome gaming!!

Introducing our heroine! I'm relatively surprised everyone have decent looking clothing but heroine. lol There are 3 alternative outfit which will help her at critical points! Although I can't wait until my rubies reach that level and spree it for the end options!

* Login daily to get extra rubies! Usually 10 rubies per day!
* Watch 5 ads daily for extra rubies! 3 every ad, maximum 15 per day!
* Do repairs around the school for random bonuses such as items or even rubies!
* Check the mail box, sometimes they give you bonus rubies too!
* You get pieces of the puzzle for the "Dawn of the Dead" picture while progressing the episode. When you replay the story you could earn 5 duplicated puzzle which could be exchange for 30 rubies! When you complete the puzzle, you get 500 rubies, 2 episode tickets, 3 choco bars, 5 water bottles, 10 hints and black cat ears!

I marathon the normal end in one night. There are minor typos, although the general flow is surprisingly smooth! I was glad that you could read everything for free! Even the small tools that it's could be used by watching an ad and "borrow it". There are even options near the end which unlocks both routes within one purchase, so you could come back after in the next play! I also like how the backlog is shown similar to SNS, except the side characters doesn't have an icon. lol

I think I scared myself abit with the whole music and how involved I got into the story. Not to mention the patrol and critical parts of the stories are quite exciting (though they're only text). Not to mention upon finishing the normal story, there are still alot of things left unexplained (Apart from the fact that our heroine is very lucky lol). The glimpse of the puzzles of a few character's faces made me thought they were spoilers. lol Until I finished the story to realised it's like a Halloween picture of the characters as zombies. XD

* Spoiler Alert*
I knew Lawrence have a large play in the story with him being the character on the icon. Though he never caught my attention as love interest and got more creepy along the way, particularly how he was immediately there when heroine was out looking for Scarlett! I guess there were other signs but I sort of missed them beforehand. lol Anyhow. My personal favourite initially was Eugene, but surprisingly I fell for Zion (Literally). lol Although you see more of Ethan for the whole story since he's actively protecting everyone with the patrol and all. On a side note, I think Jay looks like Rin from Free! lol

I'm no where near the true ending yet because I'm one of those who doesn't pay for in app purchases. lol But reading more on the various endings online, apparently you could get to the safe zone with your chosen route and everyone else dies. After unlocking 3 character routes, you unlock the ending where everyone reaches to the safe zone! And as much as I enjoy abit of Yandere routes from time to time, this was not it. lol Probably not in situation like these... as I don't believe survival with only people would work!

I guess the story is more based on the movie Dawn of the Dead, with the running zombies! Which actually by chance, I watched it as Halloween movie when this game was released in English! You basically stay inside one safe location until food and resources begin running low, then you need to head out or even relocate to another place with more resource which involves sacrifices. In the end, human are the worst enemies! I wonder if they would have season 2...?
* Spoiler Ends*

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Re: Curiosity killing your cat

Even upon finishing the all ends and "His memories 1", there wasn't much on Scarlett apart from what is shown in the main story and in Lawrenece's memory (very briefly about her death). I guess since she wasn't the main character the story doesn't go into depth for her side of the story. If only they did have the story from her view maybe she would be more likeable. XD

I think Scarlett ran "outside" very briefly because she couldn't trust the group anymore, however she went back into the building pretty much immediately as there are too many zombies outside (perhaps where Lawrence was doing his "experiment").

That said, we still haven't been able to access "His Memory 2". So we could only hope for more information when they do release it...

Curiosity killing your cat

For whenever you do finish the story (by doing the tapjoy quests I managed to finish it free), do they ever find out why Scarlett was running away? You mentioned it, however it isn't related to how she died and I don't believe it was included in anyone's memories.


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