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Demi human x Ikemen!

Brought to you by LapLand Inc! Released recently on the 12/12/2018 (Yes I'm abit behind since I was too busy playing the Puyo Quest collaboration with Persona Q2 and it finally finished so I could get back to other games!), obviously playing this for the lol. This actually reminds me of Nyuru Nyuru Academy EX (See my post) or Egypt Kami to Koi Shiyo (see my post here), except this time they have more of ikemen face as seen in Uma no Prince Sama (See my post here). Though I guess they over did it now with demimen with seiyuu voices added!

For those with acquired taste...! lol
I like how the cover changes every few times that you log in. I just put the first one I came across without my account ID. XD

One day you were wrapped to the planet Penebma which exist in the same universe as Earth, separated only by a far distance. Not to mention, it was decided that you became the commander in battle. After going through a short training with Ringnes, the planet was under attacked by the army of the demon king. You are to be living with the fellow members and battle alongside with them until you find your way home...!

The ages and species ranges on a large scale. I wasn't going to type up the full cast, but since I started on ones that are not as important too, I just kept going. Pretty sure there are quite a few name mistakes here, but I tried my best. lol

Trap (CV: Masuda Toshiki)
Singha (CV: Ino Masaru)
Ringnes (CV: Okabayashi Fumihiro)
Becks (CV: Miyashita Eiji)
Hoegaarden (CV: Miura Katsuyuki)
Satan (CV: Irie Reona)
Tiger (CV: Imaruoka Atsushi)
Orval (CV: Horinouhchi HItoshi)
Lambic (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)
Schwarz (CV: Takeuchi Shunsuke)
Erdinger (CV: Sakamasa Ryousuke)
Anker (CV: Oota Kazuki)
Weihen (CV: Kiyosato Takaya)
Coors (CV: Ikoma Kosuke)
Korona (CV: Watanabe Hiroshi)
Bad (CV: Muro Genki)
Urquell (CV: Kimura Subaru)
Height (CV: Motoshima Kyousuke)
Kingfisher (CV: Tanaka Fumiya)
Stella (CV: Horie Shun)
Sofiero (CV: Iwasaki Ryouta)
Floris (CV: Hozumi Yuuya)
Duvel (CV: Fujiwara Mitsuru)
Moritz (CV: Toriumi Koushike)
Sol (CV: Yoshizaki Ryouta)
Calsberg (CV: Mizunaka Masaaki)
Mirror (CV: Fujinami Satoru)
Rochefort (CV: Hakozaki Kakeru)
Tui (CV: Miyoshi Kousuke)
Newton (CV: Maeda Takahide)
San Miguel (CV: Ishikawa Takumi)
Blue Moon (CV: Hasegawa Yuki)
Guinness (CV: Shinkawa Rei)
Leviathan (CV: Inoue Yuuki)
Lev (CV: Takeuchi Ken)
Baltica (CV: Maruyama Ereki)
Fix (CV: Toshitsugu Kaku)
Karhu (CV: Saito Yasufumi)
Murphy (CV: Okamoto Mirai)
Kona (CV: Iwanaka Mutsuki)

You could choose your character's gender (Female, male and unknown), age and how you choose to address yourself! As such, the communication with the characters varies (Though minimal). Not sure how the romance part goes, but surely it could turn BL if you have chosen the male gender!

Set up your team up to 6 characters!

With defeating the demon king as the main goal, you mostly get to fight against his subordinates which appears in the appearance of penguin! Not to mention once they are defeated, they'll turn into felt (To be honest, they look more like stuffing to me). They come in 3 waves, and you need to collected the required number of felt to move on to the next stage. You could read the story upon battle clear. You don't need to use HP to do the battle, so you could play any time you like!

Get your help along the way! I'm glad the better looking ones does get more involved in the story.

You could increase the trust level through battle, dining at Izakaya (choose your answer and it would be graded between 20 being the best answer, to 10 being ok answer for the trust level to increase) and playground (mini game where you match 3 or more Puni Puni to clear).

Demimen Tsumtsum playground!

* Use joint skill every day (stage), as it's generally one of the required mission! Only do it when there is only one enemy coming from one direction!
* Don't forget to activate combo skill. Recommend to use it at 2nd or 3rd wave!
* Don't forget to create and equip accessories for your characters through blacksmith upon day 15 completion!
* Don't forget to send your spare time off to exploration!
* Participate in limited time only events!

The overall gameplay is surprisingly pretty cute! The demimen and the enemies appears as cute avatars during the battle! Perhaps I got traumatized with the mentioned similar titles! lol The characters in this one is more likable... or should I say they're more gentle and less scary looking? I mean, some of the better looking ones still looks like human, only with kemonomimi added on! I guess this is the real standard when they try to make it into proper otome games! XD It was interesting to see there are other Earthlings too, though they're not routes!

Will be playing this one for a while...

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