[3DS] The Legend of Dark Witch 2 The Price of Desire

My play history of demo

Brought to you by Inside System! So I did abit of clean up at home and for my console!

This is just a quick play through of the demo game, so there isn't alot to read on, particularly with the way they usual give you a demo. It's always demo of the gameplay and not so much of the story. =w=

Less talking and more playing...
If this is the first thing you saw, do not press anything to read the prologue, or read it below.

Syega is a stone that allows people to use magic for innovations and are used in everyday life. There are various researches that are done which lead to people using magic in fights and wars. The best researchers and strongest faculties are located at Germa, however, they use magic Ich to threaten other countries. A young girl Zizou Olympia goes to Liana, which declared war with Germa and attempt to stop Germa's schemes...

You started off with Zizou Olympia as your default character for the demo. Although it says you could unlock the other player character by watching the ending once, I couldn't seem to unlock her. I wonder if that message is just for the full version of the game?

Both twin tails bosses! lol

There are also two bosses that you could choose between Icke the Mathematics Researcher and Rudy the Nerve Researcher. You get to choose the difficulties of the stage, ranging between Very very Easy, Casual, Expert and Lunatic. However, once you have chose your difficulties, you couldn't raise it (In this demo).

Looks like cyber space when you first start...

The 2D action gameplay reminds me of Megaman, particularly when upon defeating the boss, you get a new skill - which was used by the boss you defeated. Not to mention each stage is timed too.

Doesn't take long to finish both bosses. You could access the after talk and skill up with earned in game currencies as required. Each time you gameover, you will get one piece of Syega. Not that it helps you much with the demo, but if you do think about getting the full version of the game then go ahead and earn those Syega to unlock skills! Meanwhile, I want to find the first game and play...


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