[3DS] Detective Pikachu Demo

My play history of the demo!

Brought to you by Game Freak Inc! Going through some of the demos that are available for the newer game since I stopped playing 3DS for a while... orz Not to mention, the demo nowadays takes alot of space! XD

You get to choose the language for the game, I went with English since my console is region locked, so best to stick with the native language for the game data to carry forward! Not to mention this can't be change afterwards, so choose wisely!
I don't particularly see how special it is. lol Just another Demo...

Pikachu woke up from a terrible dream he kept having of him before wearing the detective hat. With difficulties trying to find a person that could understand him, he came across Tim Goodman, who just arrived at the Vicinity of Tahnti Station to find his missing father. The pair pursue after two Aipom that stole a necklace from a little girl...

The game is set to Easy mode by default, which shows you a light bulb symbol for when you're stuck. I didn't end up using it at all but went ahead with the east mode. To be honest, if you're a fan of Gyakuten / Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright or Miles Edgeworth Investigation series (See my post here), the gameplay in this one is very similar! Not to mention you could guess the story mostly without the logic part, where you have to collect all the evidence before drawing the conclusion!

I think the mother and daughter could have just went after the Aipom themselves. lol It takes twice as long with the whole detective thing when they could have just split and chase after each Aipom. XD

To be honest, Pikachu's voice and expressions gets on my nerve. lol It makes me think that he thinks he's so smart, and you're so dumb. Though I guess because the intended audience for Pokemon have always been the younger generation. Although even with the ability to change in difficulties, I don't think it would be hard as to finish like Ace Attorney.

I find them mean when they just leave the Ketchup Aipom lying on the floor and just take all the evidence around him away for their investigations. lol Generally, you only do this around dead corpses in the other games. XD Not to mention, they should actually take a photo of the crime scene before removing anything. I'm sure it was the lady that clean up moved Aipom on to the bench because both were too busy getting all the "crucial evidences".

I did think they give a generous amount of story in the demo, although I would like to see the end to the first case! lol I guess I would choose to play it for the story and not so much for its gameplay... I do like the nice little touch where they introduce each Pokemon when you first see them, whereas humans are undermine in this one. lol Not sure if it'll be the same for the movie version?

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