[3DS] Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Demo

My play history of the Demo

Woot! I'm on a roll to clear the backlogs for the 3DS! I find play history style is much easier for me to type, since majority of the content is my thoughts and not of the detailed content!

Back on to the game, the title is actually relatively old since they were originally released on WiiU, but only released on 3DS this year!
If you don't know they're mushroom heads, you probably would think they're just some small kids.

Interesting how they didn't explain how to play... and just assume you know how. I do know how to rotate the angles and all... I wonder if anyone actually played without knowing how to rotate the angles? I guess they assume everyone is an expert in Mario games prior to playing game featuring Toad instead of Mario! Unless someone actually just played it because they like mushrooms. lol

One picture that shows all the requirements in the game!

The demo offers 3 stages, and interestingly, you don't need to finish a prerequisite stage before heading to another? The game involves various stages where the aim is to move Toad from start to finish line by obtaining the star. In between there are mission such as collecting all 3 gem of each stage, and extra for the small task such as defeating all enemies. It's generally a puzzle game like Catherine (Yes I'm a Atlus fan), you have no choice but keep going ahead!

You get one change before gameover, or could replenish with a red mushroom as seen in Mario games. To be honest, I didn't know Toad could go any smaller?! XD Although I didn't like how you couldn't stomp onto the enemy to kill them off, which makes the game more scary in a way for me. lol I suppose if they allow jumping, then Toad would fall off the stage alot easier! Personally I'm not a big fan with the whole "360 degrees" thing, so generally I don't get killed by enemies for each stage but due to the fall. orz


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