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How to train your Monster

Brought to you by Capcom! To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of the original game Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Hahaha But this gameplay made me be able to give it a second go. Not to mention because of How to train your Dragon movie that was released, I'm relating to it alot more than I should. lol

The demo is of very generous length, as with the amount of blocks it is required too! I played it with the intention of deleting it and be able to update for my other games DLC. However I might change my mind having played it 3.5 hours straight! It actually made me want to get the game. lol Though I still have alot of Monster dens to explore from the demo... I'm sure the whole demo could take up 5 hours if you want to complete all quests!
I get a feeling it's just really one major story... If you include the legend, probably two. lol

You, Lilia and Cheval went to see monster eggs in the forest. It was said that you could not hatch the monster egg without the Kinship stone, which is only obtained through becoming a rider. However, the three of you hatched a Rathalos aka Ratha and brought it back to the Hakum village. Upon seeing the Chief Omna regarding Ratha, a mysterious dark aura Nargacuga came and damaged the village. Not to mention it killed Cheval's mother. One year since the accident, Cheval and you are to become a rider in the rite of kinship day. Upon getting your egg, a mysterious felyne who call itself Navirou decided to join you as the navigator...

My first impression of Navirou wasn't the best, I mean, he was riding all this time. lol

Normal navigation with A button to talk or to pick up items, Y button to ride the Monstie (Monster bestie) which is unlocked at a later stage. Most task involved completing main missions and steal eggs from Monster dens. lol

Battle mode is much like the game Jankenpon, the type of attack is categorise by Power < Speed < Tech < Power. If you guessed the right type of attack against the enemy's attack, you get to inflict more damage.

* Avoid monsters by non stop movement, saves you time!
* Be ready t power clash by repetitively pressing A button during battle!
* Make sure you tap on all catavan!
* Hatch eggs to be your Monstie, up to a maximum of 5 could be taken out!
* Collect rewards from the Monsterpedia! Too bad there's no collect all.
* Press X to fast pace the battle! You only need to do this once!
* Accept all the side quests! Up to a maximum of 30 could be accepted at any one time. Not to mention the demo have a restriction of what you could do, and is relatively confined. lol

I almost thought there was only two characters at the beginning until you started navigating around the forest.

Did I mention the characters are in chibi style which almost reminds me of Pokemon Ranger, particularly the guy in the opening movie!? Although saying that, it's probably more like digital monster with the Monstie. XD

The characters talk like the Sims characters, and similarly, you could kind of make out what they're saying with the keyword that sound alike! XD

The kin Stone actually appeared like a Yokai Watch to my surprise (I thought it would be held like gym stones as seen in Pokemon) especially when they pose the way they did! XD Navirou does the most talking, eventhough he doesn't battle at all. But the true star is actually Poogie (Moogle...?), with over 100 different Poogie listed on the Encyclopoogia!


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