[PSP] Diabolik Lovers -Haunted Dark Bridal-

Are you ready for Extreme Sadistic Love!?

A new joint project by Otomate and Rejet!

Just clicking my way through the otomate website hoping for other Christmas update, I came across the announcement of Diabolik Lovers! Otomate have it updated with a teaser site for the game on the day of the release of the first volume of the Drama of the same title!!!
Diablolik Lovers
Official website

Have to say when I clicked on it, my heartbeat increased with the cool up beat music with the wonderful illustration by the same artist of Ozmafia! <3 (Light blending colours is the way to go Yo). The series focus on the theme Sadist "Do-S" vampires!

Not much of a fan for Do-S (I think the only Do-S character I like is Okita from Gintama - lol I seem to have a thing for characters named Okita :P) , Makes me wonder would one like to be tortured much and fall in love with the Sadist?! Apart from that I'm not sure how would the Sadist fall in love with his prey... @.@ (Or they probably don't in the end. XD)

DoS Vol1
Drama CD release dates

Vol 1 逆巻アヤト-Hikaru Midorikawa
Vol 2 逆巻スバル-Takashi Kondo
Vol 3 逆巻カナト-Yuki Kaji
Vol 4 逆巻ライト-Daisuke Hirakawa
Vol 5 逆巻レイジ-Katsuyuki Konishi
Vol 6 逆巻シュウ-Kousuke Toriumi

Drama CD vol 1 with Hikaru Midorikawa have been released on the 21/12/2011!!! With the remaining to be released one per month. I think I'd die happily if I get Volume 1 for Christmas! <333 Oh wait, I should probably start wishing for a PSP. orz

I'm also somewhat excited to see Takashi Kondo for Volume 2! (Not much wait either! XD) The more I look at the cover the more the pose reminds me of Hibari from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (Kyaaaa felt so long ago since I watch KHR!) Would be funny if the quote "Kami Kurosu" appears. lol

I can't wait until the game is out and when they update on CGs from the game! ;A;

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genre : Games


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I've read about this game! I read it in B'sLOG magazine and found it very appealing :D

*looks at list of CVs*


Takashi Kondo *w* I only know him from SekaiIchi Hatsukoi BUT I DIDN'T KNOW HE DID HIBARI! -mindblown-

This makes me want the game even more, after playing Amnesia (which freaked me out), I'm ready to play any otome game, whether it be romantic or plain psychotic haha~


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