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Fushigi no Kuni No Bouken Sakaba

Brought to you by Rideon Inc! I don't know much about the company so I had to look them up. It was interesting to see that this game was released on PSP/PSVita, 3DS and on mobile! Nintendo Switch to come too I suspect, though I feel they need to upgrade some of the visuals instead of just putting them on various port.

To be honest, the cover didn't appeal as much as the character designs ingame. lol No to mention, one of the character - Lidia - also got her own spin off too! So the game sure have some popularity? I might give their other title - Mercenaries Saga - a go after this.
The said plain cover...

Siela's sister Kamerina requested her to go to their friend Fred's shop to get sugar, salt and potato for their restaurant in Kingdom of Cassel. Upon returning from the errand, Kamerina was seen with Gustav, where he forcing them to sell the property, so that he could move his well known restaurant Cassel Garden. Due to his connections with the Royal family, the only way to prevent Gustav from buying the property was for Siela to win the cooking contest and gain popularity as Kamerina's cooking haven't been the greatest...

I had to include this one to prove my point, look at how pretty the still character image look compare to the pixel character?

It's not an RPG without slime monsters! lol

You could only go out to the dungeons once a day. Move and collect mats (Materials). Battle the monsters with a party of 3 and gain other ingredients for cooking. Buy the required mats and cooking tools to assist with cooking.

You could cook original or from learn recipes (Over 400 recipes!), and sell them at the restaurant! Once you open your restaurant, another day will pass. Rank up your restaurant by rotating different dishes daily.

Interestingly, you could only level up by eating, and not from battling...! I guess that's what makes them chefs, instead of warriors. lol You do get EP however, but they're only for learning new skills that are used in battle. So if your customer aren't too happy with the dishes, feed them to your characters!

The cooking contest occurs once every 10 game days cycle. Not only do you increase the star ranking of your shop, you also have a chance to win some mats! Ah, the whole vicious cycle. lol

Apparently you could spend up to 70 hours playing this game. I think I spent a good hour or two just playing the first day. lol Though I'm not surprised but it does gets repetitive over time because of the limited maps that is available. There wasn't much to see in the cooking part hence I didn't really screen shot it. Most of it was just put your mats and tool together and boom, your dish is done! Although the game is good as it is, I wish there was abit more animation to it, which I feel would make it abit more contemporary.

Anyone else thinks the biggest winner is Fred? lol He goes with Siela to collect mats, and sell them back mats, tools and recipes. lol

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