[3DS] WarioWare Gold Demo

Wario Party! Made in Wario Gorgeous!

Apparently Gold version include "micro" games that are new and from previous titles! To be honest, I have never played any Wario games because I'm more big on RPGs, and Wario games have always been short rather than long. Hence I was relatively surprised with the amount of cute characters there are in this one (Although only shown in the animations)! The drawing style reminds me of Puyo Puyo!! Quest or Pop'n Music... You probably guessed right, I don't play enough Nintendo games since the titles I mentioned are also non Nintendo! orz
The cover reminds me of Bomberman!

Having run out of money, Wario hosted a gaming tournament where he offers a ten million coin prize money, though secretly plots to take the money for himself... Play more games to make more money!

The said cute characters!

Play consecutive "micro" games within short time limits (Less than 10 seconds?) at increasing pace. They involve pressing buttons, tilting the console, tapping the touch screen. With the demo, you get to choose between the micro gameplay, or ulta, which involves a mixture of all three different gameplay! The use of microphone is only available in the full version.

If you successfully complete the required task in the micro game within the time limit, the game moves onto the next micro game. If you fails, you lose one a live, and up to maximum of four. The game ends when you run out of lives and the number of successful mini games are counted.

To be honest, I feel that the whole game tournament is for Wario's to see people suffer... if you have the Dangan Ronpa mindset on. All those execution vibe, play until you "die" (run out of life). XD

Reminds me of Bishi Bashi! Back in my early years of Play Station games! lol Though this one don't have introduction and no multiplayer. As such, unless it's multiplayer (Full version with up to 4 players), I think the replay value isn't as high... I guess you could still play the demo for practicing your reaction time!


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