[iPhone] Item Kawari wa Kihei de Ochinai No item no quest


Brought to you by Hexadrive Inc! It's been a while since I last played their titles, the one that got me playing the most was MakeS Ohayou, Watashi no Sei (See my post here).

You don't really need internet access for this one, which is one reason why I got progress on the backlog. lol Take your time and thank the black out! Although you do need internet access for the free gacha and hotel stay to replenish HP!

Instead of coins drops, you get items drops!
Ratio of girls to guys is big! lol

All the heroes have fallen. The world is ending and are left with only normal people, whose HP are 1, without swords and magic. But they could still throw items!

With massive amount of stock in the Item house guild and the Royals' backup, they established a company with 56 staffs called Otakar Last Hope (aka OLH). With the guidance of Nerine, you become a paid staff of OLH and battle with monsters by purchasing items from the item house!

Somehow I don't think they're that normal. I'm sure an average person have more than 1HP. lol

Fill up your bag with attack items from the item shop before departure! Select stage and venture forth safely!

I always love seeing maps in games. lol It always tells me how much game time I get out of the game.

You get bonuses (coins) by completing each stage. Stages could be replayed as many times as you like and treasure boxes are replenished! So make sure you note down which stage gives you attack items! The only downside is that running costs of item purchases are not dropped from monsters.

* Daily salary is dependent on your level, and are given every midnight. You need to open the game daily to receive the pay cheque!
* Don't be cheap on items. You lose more when you die so make sure you throw what is definitely killing the monsters for sure. Average of 500 coins lost per death. lol
* Even though there is a attack button, only using any item have any impact. orz
* There is a limit to how many items you could carry, and each one have a cost of carrying. It is generally 1 bag space per item regardless of level of the item.
* Watch ad to get unlimited free items! So binge ad play before venturing forth!
* Ensure you use Energy S20 to turn you into super normal person for 5 turns with 51HP. lol To be use in conjunction with Heal leaf when fighting bosses!
* Rest at the inn by watching an ad! Upon completion, you get your daily pay! XD

Interestingly you could choose between Japanese or Chinese language display! Not to mention that it does change the title too on the cover! XD Although I kept it as Japanese, you could change back anytime. I love seeing the payslip the most. lol I could stay at the inn and get my daily payslip any day .lol

Despite the subtitle says No item, No quest. You could really still venture forward, it just means you die and loses your salary quicker. lol Also you could reach the game without paying, however you get extra contents by paying! Regardless, it's a nice little game to keep you busy!

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