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Brought to you by Hexadrive Inc! Probably expected, not long after the post on Item Kawari wa Kihei de Ochinai No item no quest (See my post here), I got to post the other game! I got to admit though, they (Yes, not just one but two) didn't exist until I look them up again on the app store. lol

I think the title with the Password (particularly the 1111) on it is abit redundant... they should probably title it Magi Safe instead...
I'm sure there's a reason behind the different hair colour for Lenya...

Magician Anglad and disciple Spellenya (aka Lenya) live deep inside a forest far away from mankind. One day Anglad was to leave the forest and he told Lenya to control her power and drive humans away (but not kill them) as they come close to their home. Despite what Anglad said, Lenya left their home and saw Negaria, a member from the Institute of Magic. A Magi safe was left behind and Lenya open with 4 digit code and unlocked a Magi!

Forgot to mention about the elements in the last post. lol I guess because items doesn't really have elements but magic on the other hand is a different story.
Fire < Water < Wind < Fire
Light <> Darkness

Work your way up and out of the forest!

Take 4 max Magi on a quest and save up to 3 groups. Meteo is the only one without element! Love level with familiar Magi would increase when you defeat enemies, and decreases as Lenya takes on damage. Some Magi are different, so best to check their trigger (Euphoria is a pain lol). Unlock Magi profiles as you love up!

Motivation points are replenished every 3 minutes. Each stage requires different motivation points.

They do reuse some of the monsters from the previous title, but majority are new!

They did mention about using the weak magic for weak enemies and strong magic for the strong enemies. But what they really mean is that reserve your magic points for the attack! Your magic points only gets replenished when Lenya gets low on HP.

* Don't forget to Gift Magi. Use orbs exchange to exchange stones gifts and via versa (Dismantle the present and convert into orbs)!
* Don't forget to cool down as the maximum tension is between a low of 0 to maximum of 4.
* Binge watch ads for tarot cards for bonus stats! They only last one stage.
* Rest when you ran out of motivation!

This one is the newer released compared to the previous title, as such there are improvements to their system. Not to mention that you get to change between the different languages, Japanese, Chinese and English! Interestingly, the defaulted the game in English. I did have a play through to the English just to see how bad the translation could be. But to my pleasant surprise, they're actually very decent!

Wardrobe is really a luxury in this game. lol You do get one default alternative outfit for each Magi, although you get a whole lot more if you pay. XD Not to mention the outfits are a few dollars each... and if you add it up, you could probably get an outfit for yourself in real life.

You would question the IQ of the characters when you find our those Magi safes are not that safe after all. lol

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