[Switch] Tetris99

Tetris Championship!

Brought to you by Nintendo and for you on Valentine's day!

Long time no play this game! Not to mention it's free on Switch and it's only just been newly released! And now, it's you versus the world (Well, only 98 other people in this case)!

May the best player win!

Basic rule is to complete a horizontal line of 10 blocks to clear the blocks! Left or right is straight forward, down is soft drop, up is hard drop (This could be switched off in the option if you accidentally press it all the time or if you're like me press too hard so it hard drop twice in a row lol) and a A button to rotate the blocks! L button is to hold and recall the block as you wish, so make sure you save those blocks that you like!


The new battle royal part is that you may choose to attack specific players out of the 49 players on each side as you go, though I choose to go random. You'll find most of time if there are multiple players attacking you, you'll get KO'ed faster. I still haven't explore the system enough nor do I have the leisure to attack specific player (Though saying that everyone is anonymous!). You could also change your button settings

Your stats changes as you level up as you play, although this information isn't available to other players. I think it would be interesting if they do show it though... and if I was able to see the final battle of the other top players on the bigger screen.

The great thing with this one is that you could play the next round when you game over by pressing rematch (I thought it meant replay until I decided to press on it).

I guess it's now pretty easy to fill up 99 players since it's very new game. Though saying that, the game can't commence if you don't have 99 players all up. I wonder if they'll consider adding CPU in to fill up spaces going forward... or I had been playing with CPU all this time!? lol (I guess not since you could check the user listing). With online event pending, I think this will be festive for quite a while!

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