[iPhone] Double Face Futari no Konyakusha

Kept Heroine!

Brought to you by Cross Field Inc (Released as Eguchi Toru on iTunes)! I haven't come across this company before, but it does look like they're specialised in puzzle games with cute characters and real classic board games! I guess this is their new range of their works hence they released it under a different name, although the developer website links back to Cross Field Inc (But this one isn't listed under their works )!

I do like the illustrations for this one though! The game is partially voiced and uses Live2D! You could revisit the stories and CGs without extra costs! Not to mention that you could also back up your data and versus other player in their events to obtain in game items?!
To be honest I thought Riku looked like a high schooler from first glance... lol

You got caught in a car accident with your fiancé and lost your memories except for your name. Before you are two people who claim to be your fiancé. Who will you trust?

Kokone Riku (CV: Yashiro Taku)
Kuga Masaharu (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)

There are simple phases of encouragement as you play it.

In the main gameplay, which is the puzzle mode involves matching 3 or more same coloured gem to clear. There is no time limit, but there are move limit. Fulfill the criteria within the number of movements to clear the stage. You only need one stat rating to clear the stage... or more like, if you have fulfilled the requirement, you would at least get one star! Each puzzle stage play requires 2 puzzle life. They're replenished 1 every 20 minutes to a maximum of 15 puzzle life. You earn puzzle and star points by playing the puzzles. The better you perform or the more you play, the more points you'll earn. These points could be used to redeem side stories and the star points earned through stage ratings could be used to redeem SD character outfits!

In the skinship mode, you could use touch points to increase the love meter and coins for items purchase. To be honest, I'm surprised the meter isn't full to begin with since both of them seems to like heroine so much! lol Each touch point are replenished every 7.5 minutes to a maximum of 50 points. Although you could still play the puzzle stages of the other character, once you have chosen your route, you couldn't rotate between the characters for skinship! There is also a gift function, where you could increase the love meter for the purpose of the story mission criteria.

There are two routes with each one having 3 different endings. There are more stories are unlocked as you play the puzzles, including seasonal events which comes with special puzzle map plus new outfits with new stories! Not to mention you are ranked too!

* Daily login for bonuses!
* Don't collect gift until you have used up all the touch points or HPs, since they're automatically added once you have collect them. They are stored in the gifts up to 30 days before they disappear.
* First puzzle clear bonus gives you back 1 puzzle life.
* The lower the stage, the easier the puzzle. That said, if you're stuck, you could change between the character puzzles!
* Puzzle earned points could only be redeem in the puzzle area! The shop is only for purchase of stories!
* There are items you could use to aid the stage clear... although personally I don't recommend getting them.
* Try to clear 5 same coloured gems to earn the rainbow star! Then activate it with the special gem to fill the effect to the same coloured gem throughout the stage!
* Play event puzzle first since they're for limited time only.

I started off with Masaharu... since I'm more "visual" kei. lol Although I must admit I do like Riku's voice better. I haven't quite gotten to the double face part as yet, but there are some sort of thing they're talking about behind heroine's back (Or in other words, infront of players lol). I wonder if it meant that the actual fiancé is neither of them (That or they're yandere, j/k), because if you think about it, she's kept inside this home with them and isolated from the outside world. Not to mention they weren't able to show her proof which one of them is the boyfriend/fiancé...?

I was glad I choose Masaharu... lol This face makes me squeal.

There is no way to earn diamonds, so say goodbye to those special stories (There are birthday stories too!?) that's attached to the items in the shop! lol I would recommend collect 3000 coins in order to unlock the story! Did I mention that the items are not shared? lol That means you need to collect at least 6000 coins overall to access added free story! And they recently added new items too... orz Regardless, you could still complete the story without having to pay. =w=

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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