[Switch] Super Mario U deluxe

My play history of Super Mario U deluxe

Brought to you by Nintendo! Slowly filtering through the Switch games backlogs. I guess my brother is quite a Mario fan! lol The game Include Luigi U... which is literally trying the game without Mario. lol Not to mention you could replay the whole game this way... I guess in a sense, you get more out of one game.

There weren't be images down the cut since I forgot to extract them out before returning home.
The game features two cheat characters. Nabbit, a rabbit thief which is super easy mode where you could walk pass any enemies without dying. Not to mention any items collected that couldn't be used will be turned into lives afterwards. So this character generally have the most lives and are great character for kids to play. And the other one is Toadette, pretty much a female Toad, which is also another easy mode character as she could turn into princess Peachette with the super crown to float and avoid enemies or falling. Unlike the Nabbit, Toadette does shrink when touched by the enemy, making her an easy mode character rather than super easy mode character. Toadette could also trigger 3 up Moons instead of the 1 up mushroom. Not to mention both characters floats in water!

There are also other mini add on activities that make you revisit the various stages such as catching Nabbit as quickly as possible.

We had abit of fun with carrying your friend with the R button, as we did with the baby yoshis. lol Not to mention sometimes we end the stage merely due to the fear of dying and using the L & R Buttons.

Other mini game mode include who gets the most coins and beat the fastest records. Battle between the players in a special battle royal stage with the aim to get the most coins by jumping on to one another before the time limit. Another one held in the mini 2 stages, where you get ranked the MVP of the stage and the Life of +10 is shared between the players. Not to mention your Mii avatars will be shown in the background as you play the stages.

Generally speaking, you can't go wrong with Mario games! I guess the only thing is that I wanted abit more story...


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