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My play history of Octapath Traveler

Brought to you by Square Enix! This is a type up I did based on the 3 hours of gameplay, which really is, just chapter one of one of the character! So you could imagine the actual length of the full game if you were to finish it for all 8 characters! Although of course, the characters does cross path and probably reduces the total game time.

Despite the fact that there is only one save slot, the save file data could be carry forward or full game! As the game doesn't have a real prologue and it's based on the character you choose, that means I'm just gonna go with my play history. XD Again there is not picture since silly me didn't export the screen caps beforehand.
I was destined to choose Cyrus since he's the first character I see of the eight protagonist to choose from! Ry and I spoke about this before, like which character I would choose as starter based on our liking visually. lol Personally would have chosen one with a cleric job class, but I'm visual kei alright (I like his face ok). Though saying that the whole game was pixels... and there wasn't any character still when they're talking.

The game is partially voiced, except for the cut scenes... But the whole game is mostly pixels! I think that put my brother off from the game apart from the dub and the English text. XD This game took me a while to download so I'll continue with the demo as it is even though the English dub does puts me off abit. lol

As there is no option to change the dub... and I think I got used to Cyrus's voice abit later and thought it isn't too bad. XD But my god he does talk too long (As expected from a scholar and book worm). And it features a love triangle, as expected from the ikemen character! lol (I love the fact that my phone autocorrect the spelling for ikemen as I was typing and playing at the same time!) Princess Mary does seem more eager to learn about the history than Therese though. I guess one needs to work hard to earn it or be gone. lol

In order to prove his innocence with the missing tomb, the puzzle solving part reminds me of logic in Gyakuten Kenji. lol It was relatively easy but enough to drag out the chapter. The first chapter generally set the character background and why they venture out on an adventure.

My next character was Tressa, a young merchant who loves bartering. lol Each character have a special ability for path action by pressing the Y button. I do find Tressa's one to be more useful than Cyrus's if I have the RPG mind set on. lol Having fought the pirates from Caves of Maiya, Leon came to the rescue. I secretly hope there's a romance route between the Captain Leon and Tressa. lol That's when I stopped since I needed sleep, hence this part was relatively short. lol I wouldn't mind continuing with the game if I ever get my hands on the Switch again...


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