[Android] Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

My play history of Hogwarts Mystery

Brought to you by Jam City Inc! Whilst waiting to play the new Harry Potter game - Harry Potter Wizards Unite - that is made by the developers of Pokemon Go, I came across this one. I wasn't going to play for long but as it turns out it was quite addictive.

There were familiar faces such as Professor McGonagall, Dumbledore, Snape, Hagrid and many more. A few mention of the main characters in the Harry Potter series, however I couldn't see any of those characters appearing within the game. Hence I would consider the game more of a spin off and call this Hogwart Mystery instead. The game is pretty straight forward, it goes through the entire 7 years of Hogwarts school life that the movie doesn't focus as much on, and with a brand new character.
Interestingly they leave the Weasley brothers on the cover. I guess they're the most popular option for this game.

You're now at the age where you could attend Hogwarts and everyone knew about your brother Jacob, who was expelled from Hogwarts for breaking school rules in the search of the fabled Cursed Vault. There you befriended Rowan and work your way to find the truth behind the Cursed Vaults and your brother's disappearance!

You get to customise your character, though the free styles are pretty limited unless you pay. Overall vibe it's like The Sims cross over with Harry Potter! lol Highly recommended for playing on a high speed connection... otherwise most of the time you're just staying into emptiness. lol That's what happened when I first customising my character. I was at the point where I was going to delete the game without going further. lol

I guess I was slightly disappointed that they didn't ask questions to sort you into specific house like they do with Pottermore. lol You get to choose your own house, so I went ahead with Gryffindor, with Harry Potter in mind.

As with many games, you get to choose your gender, to be a witch or a wizard. Slightly surprised that Witch was placed on the top... does that mean they think more girls will play the game?! Though saying that, your best friend Rowan would change gender according to your character's gender. Also, I would question their fashion sense... lol I don't see how smart scarf, serious sweater and cool hat could make Rowan any better. lol

The magical component of the gameplay involved using simple magical spells, make potion and duel against rivals. You get to attend classes to learn magical spells. Your energy bar starts from 24, and increases over time, but are required for doing class activities or per magic spell. Make potions to increase your character's attributes which ranges from courage, empathy and knowledge.

The visual novel style of it involves answering questions with 3 answers, with some premium answers that could only be chosen upon character stats or in game currencies. It was interesting to see some options in the answers require certain level of attributes which reminds me of Persona. lol

I guess the great thing with the game is that you get to explore various rooms within Hogwarts as you progresses. The amount of space for pets within the room was massive. lol I guess one could easily become a crazy cat lady within this game. XD

A few new characters such as Merula who always gets in your way. Ben, who you need to encourage all the time (To be honest I need a supporting character more than Ben). lol Increase your friendship via talking to them or play Gobstones with them! Funny enough, your friendship still grows despite the fact that are losing to you. lol

You have the option to earn house points and ingame currencies! It's sad to say but your house depends on you solely for the points. lol


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