[Android] Night of the Full Moon

Adventure of Little Red Riding Hood

Brought to you by Giant Network! Suggested to me by the Google play store, and since I just removed another game on the device. I figured I'll give this one a go due to the high star ratings and the positive comments despite it being an older game! Not to mention because it was have the Fairy Tale (Little Red Riding Hood) theme! And I must say I wasn't disappointed!
All good fairy tales always comes from a thick covered book.

Little Red Riding Hood went alone to the Black Forest in order to find the missing grandmother. She gets stopped by strange villagers, guardian of the forests, elves, ferocious werewolves, sedentary witches as she venture forth into the dark night during the full moon night. Unveiled the mysterious of the Black Forest!

You have a deck of cards that could be used per turn, depending on your action points, it's generally 2 cards per turn. Use the cards to defeat the enemy and don't forget to end your turn when you're done!

This is where I got stuck. lol

When talking to the NPCs, your choices will affect your reputation and courage and ultimately a different ending!

* Don't move on to the next page until you cleared it! Since the enemy are on higher level as you progresses, so try to level up as much as possible.
* Refine your cards! You could only hold up to 9 cards in total. Though this could improved with status change.
* Get permanent bonuses! I find it helpful for extra health, card spaces and action points (to use more cards in one turn)!
* Look out for events where you could get character cards! There are event updates, I just missed the one for April Fool’s Day.

Loosely following the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, she decided to head out to the Black Forest in the search for her missing grandmother who has been taken away. Depending on the job you choose, be it Lady Knight, Ranger, Nun, Prayers, Little Witch, the introduction is slightly different, as with the difficult of the game. I started off with Lady Knight as it is supposed to be the easiest. To be honest, I wasn't expecting it to be a turn-based card game!

I do like the fact that no internet connection is required. Each enemy is voiced in English or in Chinese depending which one you use. I would stick with English since my Chinese is poor, but hey, both version have similar tone of voice, so great work to the voice actors!

Though I wasn't skilled enough for the turn-based card game! I managed to get stuck without anymore healing items after 20+ minutes of playing, it was quite... disheartening... so this game was not for me. Although I would love to see what the mystery is about... if the grandmother is the werewolf or something like that. Guess I would always google the walkthrough...

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