[Android] Enkan No Kotowari Daiundoukai

Magical girls sports carnival

There were quite a few one of games that was released on April Fools' day by Aniplex Inc. Although some of them are not available now, I felt like writing up on them, partly to appreciate those games that are created for the special occasions (namely Fate/Grand Order spin offs) and for those who may have missed out. Unlike the Fate series which is only playable just on the April Fool's day, they're kind enough to leave it playable even after the date. I mean, they took the time to create it, why waste it.
There are 11 characters (magical girls) from the main mobile game Magia Record Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Gaiden and are unlocked upon fulfilling criteria.

Players competes with other users in order to get the highest score. There are three different mini games which involves defeating the witches.

Setsubou kara Nigero! Dokidoki Kakekko

Escape from Despair by tapping continuously in order to avoid being caught by the Majou!

Unmei ni Aragae! Sosori Tatsu Majoubou taoshi

Defeat the Majou that try to lift the tower.

Ten made Todoke! Kyuubee Nage

Kyuubee throwing by spinning and release at the right angle! Aim for the universe!

The only component that was for the one day only (April Fool's), players with the highest scores will win a Madoka Senpai Statue! It was said you need to the game’s official Twitter account as the winner will be notified via direct message on Twitter.

My best score... lol Still couldn't make it like the others who uploaded on Twitter.

I guess the fun part was the distance of the Kyubee is thrown into the Universe. lol I guess it takes alot of hate for the Magical girls to throw him into outer space. XD To be honest, I haven't follow the series enough to know the new magical girls!

If mini game isn't the type of gameplay for you, you could always head over for the main game. Probably when they have this game in the first place anyway.

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