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Brought to you by Colloquial Inc. I actually typed this one up whilst on my holiday where I change between the devices... but didn't managed to post it until now. lol Plus the fact that I had to redo all the screen captures. Talk about being productive...

I generally find it interesting to hear the seiyuu speaking in English hence I took abit more notice for this one when it was released. Not to mention because Murase Ayumu voices the main (in my opinion anyway) character! XD
The cover gave me the false impression that their name starts with those alphabets. lol

St. Louise English Conversation School is located at West of Tokyo, you who studied abroad in America were contacted to help run the school with Mizurichou while your dad is in hospital! Upon returning to the country, you notice the school's VR units couldn't perform like they're used to, and the school racked up alot of debt. Protect the school with the help with the various Sensei that remains at CQ...!

There are 22 seiyuu listed for this game, however here are the main ones that were shown on the loading screen/opening song and with a profile!

Yunoki Kaname (CV: Murase Ayumu)
Sayama Rintaro (CV: Ono Kishou)
Sakurai Yuuya (CV: Yamaguchi Kappei)
Chiba Masaki (CV: Suwabe Shunichi )
Aoyagi Shinichirou (CV: Sugiyama Kishou)
Igarashi Yuu (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)
Shitou Shohei (CV: Irino Miyu)

Milk Tea (Kuu Chan) (CV: Takeue Shunko)

Set up your class with a team of 3 and choose a Lesson to start! Each lesson requires 30 Action Points (AP) and if you answer 5 questions correctly, you get a bonus. In the lesson mode you could activate your team's character skills for a limited amount of questions. Only one skill could be use per question.

I always find it interesting to read the incorrect answers... lol

In the challenge mode you cannot use character skills. I guess that's why it's called a challenge right? XD Challenge could be played without use of AP and it mostly focus on translating between the English and Japanese conversation. You also get to unlock some of the voices upon completion, so make sure you practice more!

Thankfully there are no time limit at all (Well apart from the Event lessons which is limited to a period of time), so you don't need to feel rushed to answer it. Plus you could undo the word that was incorrectly fitted into the box by dragging it back to its spot or with the other word. Tapping OK is always your last button.

* Daily login for bonus!
* Make sure you check which character could unlock challenge game. And make sure you use their skill to earn extra 10 diamonds! Sad to say that they don't allow team to be edited while picking each lesson. orz
* You could revisit the English sentences before heading into the quiz. Not that we need if we all know English! Though I see this as a good game app for educational use!
* Don't forget to play Event lesson as they're for limited time only. Each event lesson requires 50 AP.
* There are daily lessons too! Each daily lesson requires 20-30 AP. Make sure you do them for extra diamonds for gacha roll!

This one is relatively simpler compared to the Eigo to Quiz no Cocoro Sekai (See my post here) in terms of the topics. This one focuses more on the everyday conversation, which is why it's called... colloquial? XD Not to mention that this one is spoken by male seiyuus! I was going to say there are no female seiyuu, but I'm wrong in saying that because the mascot is voiced by a female. lol

This VR machine image took me forever to screen cap because it only comes up for a split second. lol

The size of the VR machine is indeed massive. lol I felt like they could actually go inside it? It's not wonder they racked up so much debt. lol In the end, the VR is really just the novelty side of it. The school should probably just focus on normal educations... which is what they do when they do the challenge at the real location...!

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