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Secret Sengoku

Brought to you by Cybergate Technology! I have only played their Himitsu no Kankei Hajimemashita (See my post here) series previously (I played all but only got around to posting one lol), so this style of gameplay is slightly different than the usual.

But nevertheless can't really go wrong with Sengoku stories. I guess it's one way for otome game stories to really not have much story. lol
The main four characters! And this screen only comes up first time when they ask for your name. I'm not sure if the heroine's name is default to Mitsuki or if it's randomly generated?

You were on a one person journey to Kyoto. There yours eyes met Louis, a foreigner with blonde hair and jade eyes. You felt some electric spark through the body that you got a feeling that know this person. Thinking it was some sort of pick up lines, Louis told you that it's a special night today because of the red moon raises. In the evening, you decided to go to the viewing area and lost Louis. You walked to the Honnoji temple where it's caught in fire and smoke with people wearing Kimono trying to escape. You lost consciousness and woke up to find yourself caught by Oda Nobunaga. It appears that you have time slipped into the Sengoku era!?

4 main routes and other supporting characters!
Louis Furois
Oda Nobunaga
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Sub Characters
Date Masamune
Takeda Shingen
Mori Ranmaru
Uesugi Kenshin
Kuroda Kanbei
Akechi Mitsuhide
Takenaka Hanbei

Pick from 3 options to either decrease or increase the love meter gauge. Maintain the love meter and not let it drop to zero in order to progress with the story. Maximum of -30, +10 and +20 points are scored.

I find generally being polite does helps...

It takes 8 Minutes to replenish health bar (chat ticket) by one point. Up to a maximum of 10.

You pass the character chapter once you have read the full conversation. You could choose to talk to different character in between when you got bored with one. XD There are around 2-5 CGs per character!

* Tweet or share, and watch an ad to recover the health bar.
* Watch out for bad end! lol I managed to reach one by mistake and ended the chapter immediately from 100% to zero. lol Luckily it doesn't take long to replay it.
* Replay chapter 4 of Louis in order to quickly get all other 2 + 1 extended endings for Nobunaga!

I marathon it within an hour I think? XD Funny enough they tell you when you reach the bad end, but doesn't tell you when you have reached the happy end. This is one of the rare ones that doesn't need actual payment to see CGs! I love the fact that you could actually see the heroine's face on the CGs too! In fact, some of them are quite cute. You do get abit more character out from the conversation and casually seeing one or two of the event CGs depending on your route.

As you unlock characters, you could see them tweeting on the SNS (Like... how when they're in the Sengoku era, plus the fact that Heroine did say there was no signal when she time slipped). lol The chibi characters are quite cute, although they're only used on the map, loading screen and partially as their SNS icons. I feel they could make more use of them as stickers or some sort. I'm also slightly shaken that Masamune isn't one of the main route. *wishful thinking*

It's worthwhile playing, but again probably only have abit more replay value with the extra CGs compared to their usual Himitsu no Kankei series.

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