[Android] Crowd City

One for all and all for one!

Brought to you by Voodoo! With relatively simple gameplay and characters, this game could be played online or offline! I got attracted by the simplicity of the characters. And the fact that they come as a group. lol Everything are better when they're seen as a group! XD

Short and snappy post follows.
So simple it doesn't really have a cover, nor face for the character! XD

Control your character by changing the direction of their running. Aim to touch the white characters with your character to gather people across the city! Play against 9 other players and their people by becoming the biggest crowd in town within the time limit!

When you're leading with the biggest crowd, you will have a crown above your character's head.

* Avoid players with larger crowds.
* Run over those with less crowds than you.
* Play more to unlock more! Don't pay for skins!

Highly addictive and simply gameplay. Could play up to hours, particular when the result could vary significantly when other players steals your crowd which is just slightly below theirs. Also extended play depending if you prefer to unlock other playable skins. You could unlock each one of the skin with $1+ each, but why do it when you could unlock them for free (Hard work but worth it)!

The only down side is that you're not versus real people (but imagine that!)... otherwise would have been even more fun... They do however, have a web browser version, but you're still playing against computer. orz

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