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Sakamoto Ike Boy desu ga?

Brought to you by Global Gear! I actually thought it was done by Hap Inc that did Mama ni Ka (See my post here and here) and this one would be a brand new series since that one finished. I did play their other release Mr Success (He actually reminds me of the useless Magician in Saiki Kusuo no Sainan, though it's not the case when you managed to pull through it lol). It wasn't as good as this one and hence there's a post for this one!

I ended up just promoting the other company's game haven't I? lol Although if you have been following my posts, you would note tht I have write up on vast amount of their titles. lol This one is similar to their Dokkiri Kamikaihi (See my post on 1, 2 & 3) although I still prefer their previous title more.

As usual, short games that I finished takes priority when it comes to the backlogs (It's more complete!). lol
The love interest, protag and the side kick and love support.

Everything he does is COOL! Even this boy have a girl that he wants to be cool in front of! The future of this ikeboy is in your hands!

The gameplay is similar to that of escape rooms! Tap on objects to trigger action for picking up and slide to the character to use! Once everything is in its rightful place, you could press start for them to action!

It doesn't take much to be cool!

There are total of 25 stages + 1 ending stage! With endings rating between Coool, Boooooo and Wild. There are fewer cases for Wild but I was surprised to come across it. lol In most cases, you need Coool to pass.

* There are different ways to use items...!
* Check the hints when you're stuck.

The characters are pretty standard, and they resembles the ones you see in Doraemon! XD Although one of the other ikeboy resembles Hanawa from Chibi Maruko Chan (It's his clothing...). Pretty sure there is no sequel for this one due to the ending! I was slightly disappointed with no Omake, but again it's wrap up all nicely.

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