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Brought to you by Global Gear! Whilst posting the last one I figured I would do this other one from the same company! There is two game that have been released for this series, first game features items and locations inside a home. The sequel that features plastic models of Southern island resort!

Let's try to make tools, furnitures, food and many more!
The covers shows you the parts that you may use.

Use the key to unlock plastic model kit! You get one upon each completion.

Click the parts from the bottom screen and drag it to the top screen for assembling.

Once you put them all together you're finished! It'll be automatically placed around the home for viewing and decoration purposes. Not to mention you could replay as much as you like, just like the real plastic models!

There are twelve rooms in the first game, with 5 objects in each room.
There are only fewer places and items in the sequel with the locations being at resort hotel, terrace, beach.

* Look for the dents and holes for ideas which part goes next.
* You could watch an ad to get hint! The next part will become visible on the building screen once it's used.
* Make sure you start from the base. If you have completed the shell of the item you would need to undo the parts before you could fit the missing part back in. That said, that's what the undo button is for. But have no fear, they would give you a warning if you seem to have put in the part that's not supposed to be in.

It was interesting to see what it's like inside each of the component! Building each of them reminds me of making miniatures. Unlike usual plastic model, this one doesn't come with numbers or instructions, so alot of time you'll be trying to figure what's the first item to put into those dents. lol Otherwise this game is actually quite fun and satisfying, especially when by the end of the game, you would see all your creations put together!

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