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Feel the moment, now or never!

Brought to you by Sega Corporation! Interesting to see the game being to the end of its service by June 2019 this year! I don't even remember if this game lasted more than 6 months so it was kinda surprising for me. It's probably because of the various idol games that already exist at the moment which this one have been abit shadowed. To be honest, I would have prefer they kept Yumeiro Cast instead of doing other idol games...

As their tag line suggest, "Feel the moment, now or never!" before the service ends!
The title feels like part of the tap to start the game... lol

You joined Dear Production as a rookie producer, not to mention you'll be managing 18 characteristic ikemen idols and you are their dormitory leader?! Now, it is your job to turn this 5 units into the top of the Gold Idol Ranking...

There are 18 characters which is split across 5 different units.

Mitsuki Kuze
Samon Nishikido
Hiro Igarashi
Azusa Konno
Takumi Kurumizawa

Maten Rocket
Soushi Fujiwara
Zen Iseya
Junnosuke Sanada
Aki Takachiho

Just 4U
Tatsuma Akashi
Sui Yanagawa
Komugi Ayasaki
Riku Orikasa

Touya Munakata
Chihiro Usui
Ango Kousaka

Uta Kamijo
Genshin Shimizu

Personally prefer the artworks better than the ingame stills. The ingame stills feels like cell shading and the colour is generally darker. Interestingly, I actually find the movement of the live character stills surprisingly smooth compared to other games that I have played.

The main stories consist of lessons (AP) which includes main chapters (Unit stories include stage performance video), skill up chapters and event chapters. Train your idols hard through these schedules! The general flow is story > pick members to produce > live lessons > live trial > actual live.

The types of training includes performance / vocal / muscle. Personally I like the muscle training one the most, since I get to see the chibis working hard (to get abs). lol

Choose the right characters to do the lesson to maximise the overall result for the live performance and the story clear rating!

Chibi live performances! Could you guess my favourite?! XD

Other Idol activities involved performing Live songs (AP) and Drama (SP). The results in these activities rely on the stats of the character photos, hence it is important to do all the main stories (lessons)!

* Login daily!
* Collect your gifts!
* Get as much photo (Character cards) as possible and set them per character! The annoying thing with this one is that you need to set them per character. I wish they would just allow you to set it all at once for all character. orz
* Don't forget to read the main / unit / photo / event story! I prefer reading the main and unit story the most since they're voiced and have more interactions with the producer.

Short staffed. lol That's the only thing that come to mind when you're asked to managed 5 idol groups all at one time. The chibi characters reminds me of Boyfriend (Beta) Kirameki Note (see my post here http://gratefullove.blog126.fc2.com/blog-entry-349.html), although the gameplay is much similar to Ensemble Stars. But it's not overly exciting since you could auto run it! I do like the animation of the dance and song that individual unit do... although it's not playable. I would most prefer rhythm games if you ask me when it comes to idol games!

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