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Brought to you by Studio Wasabi! The game itself is now called Wasabi Games, which included their previous title Ookami Game (See my post here). Not to mention that some the characters from the first game is rolled over into this one.

There is another game called Toraware No Kan, but I guess I'll do another post as I get on to it. Though it is interesting to see that this game was released as a PC game, and that I'll be able to play it on mobile now.
Neon genesis Evangelion Interestingly they didn't include all the characters from the game!

Kou (?)

Kou woke up from a dream during his class and saw a mysterious girl outside at the school grounds. Seconds later he saw a missile drop and explosion that was much like in his dreams. Fortunately he survived this explosion and escaped the classroom that was trapped in the fire. Whilst looking for other survivors, he followed a soft voice that seeks out for his help. He passed a strange looking room and into the next he saw one of the girl in his dream. Neither of them remember each other, however time is running out as a the place will go down. She was chained up and couldn't escape, will he choose to save her or will he just walk away...?

I've decided to remove the surnames since I notice I may have quoted them incorrectly in my first post. Less is more anyway. lol Not to mention there will be spoilers for the first game if I leave them as it is... I think anyway. XD


Tap on the screen and tap to investigate / collect evidence / talk.

From time to time you need to choose between a few options, only the right answer would let you progress with the story.

* Tap on anything that stands out from the setting, sometimes the colours are different! Otherwise, just randomly tap on things. lol Note, items may change description after when they really need that one thing to do something, this is particularly the case for Rintarou. lol
* Watch an short ad to progress. This is the only way to keep this great game being free!
* Watch an short ad to unlock hints (Up to three time before you could unlock the answer to direct you what to do to progress) when you're really stuck.
* Take your time. There's not so many parts where it have time limit even if they say there is. *phew* lol

It was interesting to see some of the characters again in slightly different outfits in a parallel universe! This reminds me of Umineko no naku koro ni! But otherwise mostly because the characters are pretty well designed and have personality that's developed since the last game too! I have been marathon-ing it because of how good their stories are!

I really like all the new minor add ons to the gameplay! Especially because I get to see the characters from different angles too! Their girls are quite cute. lol Not to mention some of the new characters are more attractive than their old ones. Plus, they all have a story! Particularly Shisui, Shizuku, Taiga and in the blue and red country which reminds me of Team Megma and Team Aqua from Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I particularly enjoy the story about them because I feel theres more romance than what is mentioned. lol Sadly the whole story on them just disappear as they try to focus on the main characters and the main story with Sakumaru's appearance.

Spoiler alert
I knew Iori is Eve! That unique hair colour! lol Though I wasn't expecting the characters to be clones... I thought they were all just doing a VR or some sort and repeat non stop. lol I kind of got lost when Sakumaru came into play and I'm like... where is Eve and wasn't she the character that was waiting to come out to "play" instead of Sakumaru. I guess I was even more shocked to learn the game have been running for so long to the extent I feel they will be headed into a world without any living creatures, which in reality, they might be better off staying inside that storage room filled with food (Although the food is limited too). To be honest, I feel the whole story wouldn't need to be dragged for so 5000 years and is dependant on how they teach them when they're still young? I felt in the end the whole experiment felt unnecessary... It was interesting though, you would thought that some characters will be killed just like their other games!
Spoiler ends

There are two short side stories upon completion which I would recommend playing also since the ending felt like an open end. On a side note, they really did better with promoting their games now. Did I mention they now have merchandise!? I actually feel like buying them too. lol

Seeing the ad for the Ookami game sequel Ookami Tantei Hakusho, I might head start on that one before their other title.

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