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Brought to you by Arithmetic (Although now released under the name Linarith)! Didn't know about this game until I came across it randomly. Generally I don't like playing games with the story tickets... since they take forever to play. Unlike the other titles, this game actually doesn't require story tickets! And there isn't any player's avatars either! No to mention this game is partially voiced too! Sounds too good to be true!? It probably is!

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The 12 Zodiac members!

You moved to your grand father's shrine at Kyoto and there you met these people who goes by the name of the Zodiac animals and claim that they're friends of your ancestor. Turns out that you're the grand daughter of the great onmyouji 1000 years ago in the Heian period - Haruno! His 12 Zodiac spirits are in the current world looking for Haruno because the cat spirit which was sealed has been awakened from his long sleep. Gather the Zodiac spirits and defeat Oni in order to find Haruno and uncover the secret!

Haruno and the cat spirit!

Nagi (CV: Nakajima Yoshiki)
Rin (CV: Saitou Souma)
Kosuke (CV: Tsuchida Reiou)
Mikoto (CV: Kamio Shinichirou)
Hisame (CV: Arthur Lounsbery)
Tsumugi (CV: Nishiyama Koutarou)
Tenta (CV: Kobayashi Daiki)
Kuon (CV: Takeuchi Shunsuke)
Ibuki (CV: Hatano Wataru)
Sakyou (CV: Nitta Anju) / Ukyou (CV: Itou Kento)
Hitoshiki (CV: Miyata Kouki)
Shino (CV: Eguchi Takuya)

You have an option to choose your route and number of step to take for the zodiac characters to travels on the map until you reach the goal. You will get stopped at enemy encounters where you have to battle with your zodiac in roulette style.


You could manage your action panels on the roulette by changing characters and actions. The kotodama skill type ranges from sword, fist, spark (Jankenpon), taichi, healing and supporting attributes

New kotodama could be unlocked through zodiac stories. These stories are shown as messenger style and are unlocked by required items that are created with onmyouji skills.

Items could be use to create a tool and offered characters to increase the bond by level up. Upon reaching a certain level you could unlock character specific stories where you will be given two options, each will permanently increase a different attribute of the zodiac character.

Collect more spiritual power through Reimo of the Zodiac characters! These could be used to purchase materials for making tools or gifts.

* Level up all the spirit and ingredient pool!
* Unlock spirtual tools to get more kotodama.
* Watch an ad every 30 minutes to replenish with one button. You'll be pleased to know that they do accumulate (To a limit though)! :D

I actually did enjoy this one more than their other titles in terms of gameplay. I guess the 2 years delay is worth waiting for? Though I didn't wait for it since I didn't know about it until recently. lol I'm still going through the story despite having unlocking all the characters already. That said, this game is worth playing! Did I mention that this is a free game too?!

There is some spoiler on the Google play store images, so I would suggest you don't look at the character and seiyuu image for that long. lol I just got spoiled without finishing the story yet. orz

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