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The Chasing World

Brought to you buy Ultimedia Inc! Not to be confused with other games with the same title. This one is a match 3 strategy puzzle game with a very unique drawing style!

As expected, I find ease from playing puzzle games the most. XD
The cover calms me. lol Though the game is rich in detail. XD

The industrial city of Kildia is lined with huge factories for producing military weapons and there was a series of incidents in which military engineers were abducted. As the snow that began to fall, you were approached by a mysterious group that tried to kidnap Belmont. Thankfully, an agent was assigned to protect Belmont and lead her out of sight of these mysterious pursuer. Find out about the organisation Bravo and the reason why Belmont are aimed...

I think Annette is probably the second protag given how often she appears in the story.

The handwriting are so hard to read. lol Let alone the Japanese name... 14 characters all up, I probably stuffed up some of the character names since I haven't unlocked them yet. lol So here goes.


The chosen agent is to protect Belmont and escape by defeating the Masked enemies before they defeat you! Slide and link 3 of the same type to clear tiles. This could be up/ down, left/right and diagonal.

The progress gauge is shown to show you when the boss is likely to be dropped.

Collect different agents with different skills sets, elements and gears. Agent types ranges between Attack / Defence / Technique / Special. The equipment are split into Gun, Armor and Tank. There are gacha where you pull the lever. The rates are ok.

Just to show you the amount of detail they put on the map.

* Login daily! 5 days login gives you 10 gacha tickets so it's worthwhile doing it!
* Use Recommended for equipment and characters with element advantages. You will note that the recommended equipment does not fit the rings, so manually assign them to the characters yourself!
* You could check on the enemy information by holding onto them. Their HP and count until their next attack is shown without pressing onto them.
* Shield panel is your first line of defense. Once this is to zero, the heart panel will start to decrease when you're attacked. So look out for your heart panel! There are traps to reduce your heart panel. Once you lose all your heart panel, it'll be gameover. Although saying that, if you defeat the boss before that happens, you're still safe!
* Make sure you use the skill to assist you! Though watch out when you can't use skills in the star rating criteria.
* Take note of the progress gauge and see when the boss will appear. That said, try not to activate your skill until then (since it takes some time to build up)!
* Ex skill are filled by energy panel. This is different to character skills in the criteria to win 3 stars ratings.
* Don't forget to power up your equipment! I normally go by just rarity of the equipment AND which agent is mostly used in the story.

Much like the battle system in 18 Kimi to Tsunagaru Puzzle (See my post here)! So it's highly addictive! Not to mention that consistent unique art style. Though there are alot more attractive characters in the mentioned game...

Is it just me or does the enemies chasers reminds you of the movie the Chasing World? The masked men, tank, the gacha and gears/wheels gives me the steam punk vibe, although only fewer agents have that steampunk theme.

I stopped abit after not getting anymore SSR items... lol

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