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Happy New Year to all!!! \(^ o ^)/ This is the first post of the year! Been abit slack since I started writing in my diary again... apart from that picked up on a few older animes, novels, dramas and games.

And~ I finally started playing Hakuouki Yuugiroku since they finally have it available on DS and not just PSP! XD Somehow I felt that it's just a scheme to make more money from Hakuouki goods by Idea Factory. orz

Anyhow! It's pretty much the same as the PSP version, so I'll mainly focus on the Kazama (As expected!?) section from here onwards. lol
hakuoki yugiroku ds
lol @ Kazama's face - now you don't see that everyday.

Brief story:
Chizuru found Itou’s missing box and opened it to find a hammer inside it. She later woke up to find everything chibified...

Hijikata Toushizo
Okita Souji
Saitou Hajime
Toudou Heisuke
Harada Sanosuke
Kazama Chikage

I was rather surprised that Shinpachi Nagakura isn't in one of the route. ^^; But I was happy to see Kazama in it. :P

What's special about this game if you ask? It's the chibis of course. The general flow of the game is made up of the usual awesomely beautiful bishounen drawn by the godly Kazuki Yone, but also 18 mini games (3 Mini game per character) that features disturbingly cute and moe chibis by Sakura Takuto! *Looks at my own bias comments lol*

Kazama's route:
I was almost devastated when I finished all the routes and I couldn't seem to find a way to access the Kazama's route. orz The routes I played was in this order: Heisuke, Hijikata, Sanosuke, Okita and Saito - that was when I finally saw KAZAMA! I even make Saito loses (to Kazama's insults lol) but it was no way to get Kazama's route. It's only when I finally decided to start from the very beginning (I always starts on the save file where the first options becomes available) that it had a new option of sleeping in or waking up!!! THIS IS ITTTT!!!

When Chizuru choose to slept in, she dreamt that Kazama and herself is getting married! *v* <333 Getting the good end in such an early stage of the game!? Some Kazama fan services indeed! But she woke up and head to the meeting with the Shinsengumi. After long conversations with no Kazama appearance *is very bias*, Chizuru found Itou's box and opened it in her room to find a hammer inside. Later, Chizuru woke up to find Chibified Kazama who came to kidnap her since they're gonna get married. lol

Pretty much ignoring Chizuru's (And everyone's lol) thoughts, the "Oresama" mode Kazama was non stoppable even by Shiranui and Amagiri (Despite in the mini game you're not the one controlling Kazama so he pretty much lost in both games lol). Kazama went on saying it's just the way Edo girls are... Chizuru's saying no because she's embarrassed. XD Even at the last stage when facing against Sen Hime, Chizuru fought and won because of him - or so Kazama said. lol Is it just me or anyone else feels that Sen Hime wanted to marry Kazama? :P

In the end, Shinsengumi were there munching on all the delicious expensive food prepared for the wedding since they were invited. ^^; But everything turned out to be a dream. orz Chizuru woke up at night time and chased a cat which lead her to Kazama. (Good job Cat! XD) Kazama took her away to see cherry blossom at night (He's pretty romantic at heart?!). That's when Chizuru realised that Kazama didn't want to fight, and that he's not so brutal etc and feels different compare to the Kazama she knows. At that moment they're disturbed by the whole gang of Shinsengumi... (=3= No fair! Kazama is out numbered!) So Kazama deicided to leave Chizuru and said he'll come back for her and disappeared. Afterwards, Chizuru remembers Kazama's lonely expression...

lol Initially Kazama said that he expect Chizuru to have 10 babies with him... then it went up to Hundred... and then HundredS!? Relatively scary thoughts really... to have a village of his own kind. orz But the exaggeration are all said in chibis, so that's what cracks me up. XD

Apart from the Mini games, there's also the Karuta game (Japanese Card games with poems on it) with 118 images and fully voiced quotes from all the other Hakuouki games to collect! They're collected by winning the Karuta game. Basically you tap the card that starts with the first sound of each quote. But it gets tricky when there's more than one card, that's when you need to either, know the voice of the Seiyuus or simply learn the quotes from the games! XD

The flow of the story is quite light hearted compare to the normal Hakuouki games. XD Probably because how short the game is and how it's presented in Chibi form. So for those who's after short game play with a lot of CGs, this would be the perfect Otome game to go for. <3 I think the CGs from the Karuta is what keep you continue playing it! Can't wait to collect all Kazama's CGs (Though very limited compare to all the other main characters T ^ T)!!!

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Re: Ayuvi

lol I had the same problem too! ; A ; One reason why I didn't reply straight away last night, since I was using someone else's computer. After much struggle, I think I fixed it now...? @.@

Musouroku... All I could think of is Dynasty Warriors and similar. I hope it doesn't ruin Hakuouki. But meh, why can't they have it on PS2~ orz Handheld console is too small for my liking for button smashing games!

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LOL AWW KAZAMA! I'm sure Chizuru secretly wishes to have his babies, no matter how much he wants xD

Oooh I want to play this along with the other Hakuouki games. Also I can't wait for Musouroku too.

不接受只含有英文或数字的留言 <------ what? for some reason I couldn't comment without writing Chinese xD

Re: Ayuvi

lol Well he actually said it throughout the different stages to different people. It's more like since my friend have been refering him with a summarised quote of "Come with me and make powerful babies", that I had my attention on that word. But judging that Chizuru had that dream she must have wanted to marry Kazama! Y/Y? ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Yes, the game have been around for quite a while. It's just that I haven't really got around to playing it. Glad I did though. :D

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"Initially Kazama said that he expect Chizuru to have 10 babies with him... then it went up to Hundred... and then HundredS!?"


Ah I've seen this game a long time ago! They're so cute in chibi form kyaaaaaaaaaaa~


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