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Krispy Kreme Arcade

Brought to you by Krispy Kreme! Came across it as an ad whilst browsing online. Had abit of fun playing it so I figured I'll post about it. They created this online arcade on the web browser to celebrate the launch of its new limited-edition Throwback Party doughnut range! I first came across the Krispy Kart on Instagram, so I didn't know about the other 3 games until I looked into it.

To celebrate each new flavour, including Cookie Dough's Krispy Kart, Finger Bun Fighter, Fairy Bread Fantasy and Brownie Batter Bash which are inspired by classic arcade games.

Short post will be short!
Cookie Dough's Krispy Kart


Race around a track in a doughnut kart. Use power ups to beat your opponents and win points. Look out for the chocolate lake.
Interestingly you don't necessary have to do the full laps and it's full of shortcuts here and there!

Finger Bun Fighter


Doughnut Fighter is probably a more suitable name for it! It's very cute seeing the doughnut Strawberry and chocolate fighting each other, particularly when I see one takes out a KrispyKreme box as a weapon. lol I find it relatively hard to trigger skills... or just the lack of joysticks kills the fun side of it. orz

Fairy Bread Fantasy


Super Doughnut Brothers! It was interesting to see other sweets as enemy... although I would probably prefer seeing them walking through the kitchen trying to avoid being chop / boil / wet / cooked. And possibly collecting icing and then dash into hundreds and thousands at the end.

Brownie Batter Bash


Probably the least interesting one. It's the brick breaker game except the ball is now the doughnut (looks like he have a little cape too) and you have to use the box to make him bounce up to collect other items.

Those who made it on the Leader board with their high scores will go into the draw to win a year’s supply of Krispy Kreme doughnuts! The competition commences on 23/04/2019 and concludes on 27/05/2019! The scores are pretty crazy at the moment, and although the prize is limited to Australian and New Zealand citizens, it doesn't mean you can't play the games! :D

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