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@ D2 One Place

Held on the 9th - 10th February 2019! This marks my first convention in Hong Kong! XD Although it's more like a mini doujin market, close to equivalent of Zine Fairs, the number of tabling artists still reaches to 100+. Not to mention they split the girls oriented and guys oriented tables into two separate days! Which makes it over 200+ artist over the weekend! Although I wasn't overly interested in the guy oriented title, but I figured why not, given the free entry for the general public this year (Although only between the noon to 7pm)! Not to mention I was toured by the local experts Saigohime and her sisters!

Read on for short report...!
Entrance to the event.

Free posters of the character Baba Rakuko by various artists!

Upon arriving to the station at 1pm, I already saw few cosplayers and alot of lolitas! I went to the queue for general public but was delighted to see no queue so we went straight up to level 2 via lift. I managed to walk through the aisles twice before leaving the venue after 1.5 hours of browsing and headed to late lunch.

Kinako Gacha!

The event was pretty much dominated by Hypnosis Mic (Hypmic) and Fate - not surprised. I was pleasantly surprised to see a few Idolish7 merch! Ended up fangirling with other Idolish7 fans about cosplays, events and Youme Cafe collaboration and that there's only Zool and manager group left. orz Regardless I got fan made merchandise and I just love how they did a gacha. But at the same time I have the worst luck with gachas. lol Thankfully they allow me to choose the ones that I want but they just had to make me try the gacha. XD I wish I would go and see them at the other events since they're very nice people to talk to.

I also came across an artist whom I never saw in person before since I got my friend to buy her doujin years ago. I guess I was surprised to the point that I think I lost my manners and just asked if she was the artist. XD Ended up buying alot of her back logs and by the end of the day she managed to find the last copy of one of the title which is out of print. Doesn't help when you're missing one volume and you're desperate to fill in the gaps!

I think I stayed there for a maximum of 2 hours. Could have done more but as the venue is relatively small, I already finished walked around twice. lol

Day 1 loot!

Majority of the table were different compared to Saturday since today is guy oriented! Not to mention the queue was massive long. I arrived earlier although waited for half an hour before starting to queue. Whilst waiting I went to Rashinbang and saw alot of second hand charms for Idolish7!

Behold the crowd! I had to walk pass each aisle twice looking at each side one by one because of how crowded it was. lol

By the time Saigohime came we still had to queue for 30 minutes, which is better than what I thought. We disbanded however when we arrived into the Hall since our interests were quite different. I had to say there were alot more people today compared to yesterday.

Survey at the empty corner next to the mini panel stage. Not well promoted either. lol

By the time I was finished with my purchases (I ended up buying original stuffs lol), we ended up filling in the survey to get a free towel, and also fill in the survey for the 3 books purchase to get a free wall scroll! Should I have known about it yesterday I would have done it too! As expected, you get more when you go with local experts. lol At least I know for next time (If I'm there again next time)! Mind you, they also give you a different free clear file each day at the entrance. If you add up all these freebies (Well, the wall scroll isn't really free since you need to purchase in order to get it lol), the transport costs is actually worth it since there is no entry fees! Although I did think they mentioned that this is the only year that it was free. So I guess I was pretty lucky?

Day 2 loot! Relatively surprised I still managed to buy something. lol

The venue wasn't located at the main island and there isn't alot of other shops around so I guess that's why it's still a small event. But I was happy enough to go there because of the amount of doujin I could find! Not to mention the surprise find was the craft store up the top of the building! Would love to go back but only for an event...

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