[Convention] C3 AFA HK Day2

@ Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Held on the 23rd February 2019! This marks my first cosplay convention in Hong Kong! XD There were alot more small conventions every week, although I didn't have enough time to go to all, I figured I would at least go to the big one since I did go to the Singapore one previously! Unlike Singapore, the AFA in Hong Kong actually allows you to enter for free if you cosplay AND have registered. So I did ended up cosplaying and went in the Hall with Saigohime although we both did a different series...
I arrived slightly earlier because of how free I was on Holiday. Did the basic makeup so it was just a matter of putting on the outfit and wig. Saigohime arrived just after lunch, so we headed to the change room at Hall E together. Much like Japan, we went inside a big hall where almost all the cosplayers were located, but the actual change room itself is small and very stuffy. lol After an hour or so we were done and we headed out to the register in order to get our free entry. On my way out I saw a few cosplayers of interests so I did a quick snap of them with my phone camera.

The registration process is relatively simple. All you need is a print out of the character you're cosplaying on the day and flash them your Cosplay Global account that you have registered. What a way to get members! lol Seeing the pile of the print out makes me wonder how many actually gets checked for the details while there is no name or version of the character you're cosplaying as. Regardless, we managed to get in for free!

Below is just a few snap shot of the hall as I did with Singapore AFA (See my post here). Carrying the extra pair of shoes made me give up taking photos most time, not to mention the kimono long sleeves is making it even harder. lol

The stage with live performance!

My favourite booth of the day!

There was the fate booth as well, however all the freebie summon were already gone by them. Boo, I really wanted that Gudako mask.

Was relatively surprised to see A3! promoting! Although I hate promotion that requires you to post on Facebook... Much prefer instagram.

The Madoka booth with a very pretty Madoka in the middle with a bunch of photographer snapping photos away while Saigohime did the thing to get the free tile! Like... actual bathroom tile tile! Amazing freebie!

The Kadokawa line was the longest... hence we didn't go in. I do wonder if they have really great sales or freebies that people are all trying to get in!?

I expected a lot of cosplayers to be inside the venue, but it appears majority of them stayed at the Hall E. It took us a while to de-cos, mostly because there were still people coming even though there was only an hour to go with. I guess most cosplayers just loiter around the main entrance area for photos. There were some awesome cosplayers that Volar helped me take with my camera when I went to the change room, but I figure I won't share them here... since I don't know any of the titles. lol Talk about different interests. orz

I didn't end up going to the last day of AFA since I was tight on time for my holiday. But generally speaking, I would go back! One day generally seem to be enough though?

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