[Android] Jamie and Jerome's Runway Story

Fashion Story

Brought to you by NEXON Company! The only game that I ever played from this company was Maple Story (See my post here), one of the longest MMORPG that I continued to play before I got out of it. lol

Unlike their other titles (All those magical stuffs!), this one looks relatively normal? I thought I could test it out and then delete the app since I ran out of space again for my otome games (it's the voices that drains the storage!). More match 3 puzzles! Again, this one turns out to be more addictive than I thought it would. lol
Interestingly they dropped off the twin's name from the title on their website.

If you count the characters with names per makeover... we have too many! lol So I'll skip this part for this one. All you need to know is the twins! I haven't seen an villains yet, so I guess there isn't alot of main characters?

I screen captured too late. lol So I did one along the way for this post.

Slide to exchange the tile with another to aline 3 of the same tiles to clear! There are additional tiles such as bombs, butterfly, cube. Character skills for Jamie with scissor and Jerome with hammer. As they all have compulsory introduction demo, I would save my time from typing any further, but I would comment that they have some interesting tiles to get rid of in order to make their outfits... I guess it meant to symbolise cutting out all those puddings, cupcakes and parties (balloons)? Oh and packing away boxes... as in throwing away old clothing? lol

* Log in daily for 8 days for bonus!
* Utilise the skill of the twins when needed!
* When it's unlimited, just massive use it (e.g. the character skills introduction). lol
* Watch an ad to extend 5 more moves when you're stuck!
* Watch an ad to double the coins.
* Watch an ad when they're available. Each of these last two times before they disappear.
* Get ticket from the vending machine. It produce 3 tickets every 8 hours!

The flow is much like Nikko Diary but the art style is alot more defined. I must admit, the day feels like its going super slow when they could give everyone a free makeover instantly (This is coming from someone who takes forever to make a costume lol)! I thought they were meant to go to school but they just stuck at the comic store forever (Lasted until end of chapter 2). lol Not to mention they keep accepting free commission and free labour. I too would like a make over, now where do I sign up? XD Not to mention they don't even have to be at home to sew, nor any mention of a portable sewing machine! Must be some god skilled hands there! I guess this is the magical aspect of this game that I said wasn't like the others?!

Relatively surprised that the comic store owner didn't tell them to go away. lol It's ok in the end since he also had a make over.

I was surprised that you get to customise your character too! Much like your own avatar in otome games! Overall, it's relatively fun to play, only if the requested coins spend is less then I could probably progress quicker. Regardless, see their world at various interesting locations where fashion takes place! And no, I haven't seen any runway yet. lol

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