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Brought to you by Hexadrive Inc! Bet you was expecting this post as with the post on Ficustone projects, Item Kawari wa Kihei de Ochinai No item no quest (See my post here) and Mahou Password 1111 (See my post here)! I would like to say stay tune for the next post, but it's still early 2019. lol So won't be seeing another game anytime soon.

Only went to update the full game listing recently to realise I did not post this one. lol I guess the driving force for me to update them is because of the cute and consistent chibis!
I love the details they put on the characters... other than the player. lol

The era where one hero fought alone had ended. We're in the world where the hero's activities is broadcast to the world, and supported by comments from people. That's right, your one comment, will save the hero!

You, as the player, is this spirit (Mascot looking thing) and not the hero! And mind you, this is the only game in the Ficustone projects that they actually ask you for your name!

Turn system with command for attack and heal. The support comments will flow according to each of the Hero's actions. Their action will increase viewers and comments. The more powerful the skill is the higher the view! Each view is relatively short (with a countdown), and last as long as the turn ends.

I haven't played turn base games for a while, but usually the players are on the right hand side instead of the left.

You could create 3 different teams of two party, which will trigger different stories. To successfully progress with the story, the key to how to increase the number of viewers while efficiently damaging while repeating, trial and error is the key.

* Remember to check and activate the support items / cheer from viewers!
* Try to extend the rounds to increase your scores.
* Go to the fortune telling shop to get special skills.

Hero on Live! Despite being a real time hero, there are no gameover or death penalties! Not that it matters that much... since your role is the camera man! lol Or if you want to put it nicely, the director. It's cute and all with the enemies rolling over from the previous games (Got to love that rock monsters! XD), but the game play didn't make me want to grind longer. I wonder if it's because the characters being too small... or simply that the player isn't part of the view...?

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