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Gourmet Story

Brought to you by Asobox and Toyste Beach! The real reason why I stopped playing Shuumatsu Housou Sekai wo sukuu waku (See my post here) was this game. lol Not to mention I managed to binge on game 1 to 3... and the game is now available on Switch! XD Although they have quite some decent images upgrades to the switch... but why play the switch version when it's free on phone?!


Season 1
Today is the day that I started working here at the World Tree Marche as a Crusine Advisor. I'll work hard together with the chef to pay back the debt of 5,000,00G loan by the Prince. Because if we couldn't repay the loan, the Gourman Corporation will take the World Tree land...


Season 2
Everyone is busy with the national project "To deliver the cuisine to the people of the world" at the kingdom right now. But Saffron is solely responsible for the project... and she seek for your help at the Kingdom plaza. This time the debt is 8,000,000G loan! But with everyone here, I'm sure we could make it!


Season 3
We arrived to Yuukari's hometown Orunai. The amount of people wouldn't be less than that of the kingdom, with factories here and there that you could hear various sounds! From today onwards we will have our first step outside of Manpuku Marche. Although our strong opponent is Gorman Corporation... but with everyone's power, we'll win the battle for sure!

Bouquet Garni

Manage the World Tree Market by acquire the ingredients and unlock new recipes. Put the popular items on sale and cash in the money! Tap on potential customers to get to purchase! Place decorations to assist in sale! The more you sale the better your relationships with the chefs!

Slide the monsters to collect the ingredients which is only exclusive to Season 1.

Tap to make sales in the 30 seconds Fan battle!

* Don't forget to collect your reward!
* Feed your character before heading out for hunting!
* Carry the bread that your character wants before heading out for hunting for best results!
* Don't forget to spend some G to level up on balloons for permanent effects!
* Don't forget to collect the happiness.
* Don't for get to activate character skills!
* Daily sales target!
* Travel to other places to increase the overall fans!
* I find continuously tapping in the center of the screen could help you gather most of the customers without moving around.

To be honest I prefer the gameplay in the first game rather than the very last game despite the increase pixels quality. The characters are pretty well designed with specific characteristics too! So I guess I was pretty pleased with the characters being rolled over into the last game. I only wish there was more romance. lol Did I mention their recipes are very interesting... doesn't mean you could make them in real life though. XD

It's definitely worth while playing if you have some spare time!

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