[Android] Toraware No Kan

A killer per day keeps the unwanted guests away

Brought to you by Studio Wasabi! The game itself is now called Wasabi Games, which included their previous title Ookami Game (See my post here) and Eve Projects (See my post here).

Interestingly, this one was released as a PC game (Windows only though) late last year! However since my computer is a Mac hence I wasn't able to play it until now! Unlike the mentioned titles, this is not a sequel nor does it use characters from the previous title. I guess this is more of a stand alone game like their first one Usotsuki Game (See my post here). That said, this one might be more brutal than the last...?
Interestingly there is only one character that's not on there that appeared in the story...

You woke up in the forest with amnesia. Without a cellphone, a hand bruise mark on your arm and a pack of medicine in your pocket, you search around for help. As you went into a mansion for help, a mystery man appeared before you and tell you to run away before it's too late...


I think Mour's appearance is scary.

Unlike the previous titles, as this one was originally made as a PC game, you actually get to move the character! Slide up / down / left / right to move the character. Double tap on the star to check the item or talk to the character.

Run away from the chaser and not let them catch you! Once you're caught it'll be game over!

* Go to the locations they want you to go. Other places and items are not used until they are required.
* You will always reach the normal end prior to the true end since the items are not available until then.

This one reminds me of the PC game Ib (See my post here)! Again, I had to play without music. lol Also, Is it just me or is the movement of the character hard to control? lol I had my character running in the wrong direction due to my phone's poor control? It is times like this I wish I had a remove control... or should I simply just play on the PC and avoid all the ads?! XD Luckily the restart is pretty friendly so I managed to get pass after a few tries. The chase was scary, but luckily they did them in small portions. lol I can't do over few rooms of chase since it's not good for my heart. lol

To be honest I wouldn't have gone into the house again from the start... seeing that I have no phone, some medicine in my own pocket. I would have though I ran away from this house from the start.

Spoiler Alert
I guess the normal ending makes it a infinity loop which I suspected in the first place anyway. Pity the romance part wasn't dealt with greatly until Laurier appear, and then Reagle and our main character Misa! Not to mention the amount of moving scenes in between the days. I think the best couple is Reagle x Babiana, they look the cutest (regardless of the age gap). Also I was hoping them to be Misa's novel stories characters or some sort. I really like their death scenes were filled with flowers and not gore at all! I guess it make sense since Babiana's name is a type of flower!

To be honest they never made Neroni's luggage as a useful item. lol It was more like a hint that Lisa killed him off alone with Mour. Funny enough, there was no trace of Mour after he was eaten alive. lol

True end Spoiler Alert
It took 7 years for her to write the story? I guess it's the publishing part that took the longest. I wish the she wrote about Reagle x Babiana's love story in between. lol And I can't believe they don't ship Haru with Misa already after 7 years... since Haru's character profile for unlock was shown before Jin's. Personal bias is Jin as the main route. Though I haven't read through the side stories yet (Not much to read unless you pay!).
Spoiler Ends

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