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Brought to you by Studio Wasabi! The game itself is now called Wasabi Games, but you would have noted that as per mentioned in the Eve Projects (See my post here) and Toraware No Kan (See my post here).

Though, this one actually falls under the original title Ookami Game (See my post here) as a quest story where you have to pass missions to progress further. But not to worry since if you're familiar with Finding Wally games then you should be fine!
As this is a quest story, there isn't a cover for it. So here's the story listing in three parts.

Yukinari is a newbie detective that was invited to solve a case at a small village. Upon arriving to the meeting place at a church, he met 3 other detectives Osamu, Soushirou and Tsubaki that were also invited to solve this case. In order to find the host and uncover the reason why they are invited, they came across a festival where many villagers are gather to celebrate and eat to their hearts content. A short blackout occur and the daughter of the Mayor was killed?

Again it's a roll over of characters with different occupations and steampunk themed!


Sub Characters

This reminds me of logic in Gyakuten Keiji games!

Item search now have a 3 minutes time limit. Not to mention if you picked the wrong item, you'll reduce the time by 5 seconds per incorrect item pick! So make sure you get the right items!

OokamiTanteiHakushoGameplay copy
This room is considered easy compared to the messy library...

Apart from the fact that you need to know the Japanese word of the items that you're looking for, but that's also handily covered under the hints!

* Watch a short ad daily to get Life ticket!
* Make use of the bonus chance by sharing on SNS after each stage clear to get Life Ticket!
* Try to finish the game within the date limit to get bonus merch (If you're that lucky) otherwise SNS icons!
* Complete mission daily or use those SP Life ticket to play extras! Aim for the missions that for those CGs as they come with teaser stories! You get 4 lives daily!
* Remember to move to the next room when searching! The missing arrows on the edge of each room always makes me forget there are other rooms since I'm not looking "Outside the box". X'D
* Watch a short ad to get hints if you're really stuck! The amount of details on the background is sometimes too messy to see the actual item that you're looking for. I tried to use hint just to see what it looks like, and basically they make a sparkle of the item that you need to tap on! There are no limit to the hints (I guess it just means you watch more of the ads which is what they wanted).

I felt like whole Steampunk theme is pretty awesome compare to the one portrayed in Eve Project (See my post here)! Also the floral theme for Rintaro (He always have the best fashion!)! I think they really have a liking to Misaki. lol She's like their best girl. Not to mention that the protag in Toraware No Kan (See my post here) is also TnK Spoiler Alert - Misa - TnK Spoiler ends!!

I haven't finish the full story yet as they only released the last part of the trilogy few days ago. But would be interesting to see since the amount of deaths in this one seems the least...?!

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