[NDS] Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

I finished another old game!!! XD

Since I'm done with all the Gyakuten series on NDS, I've been thinking of playing this game as it's done by Capcom and it reminds me of Phoenix Wright! <3 (It's the suit I say :P) Nah, it's actually done by the creator of the PW series that's why (They even used some music/sounds that's from PW! XD).

Short post will be short!

Ahhhh this game so much fandom and pictures T^T

Sissel woke up to find himself dead and had no recollection on what had happened tonight. His only lead was the young detective Lynne, who is targeted by the assassin for some unknown reasons. Via death Sissel obtained the ability to perform Ghost Tricks, where he could inanimate objects and travel back 4 minutes before a person's death and alter their fate...

Minimal spoiler alert
The story is awesome (I could so imagine it to be a film!), despite being relatively a short game. It felt like one case of the PW game in terms of length. And it had a twist in the end (though I guessed 3/4 of the way through the game) and then they made another twist which I didn't expect (Alright you win Capcom).

The character designs are simple yet unique, and I love it how they portray them as sprite. Inspector Cabanela gotta be the most time consuming character in the game, I think he should be a dancer/idol instead. @.@ Having always making main characters as my favourite, I love Missile too! Despite being a cat lover, I think he should be the main character of the story! lol Such loyalty that is hard to see from human. orz Pity about Sissel and Lynne's relationship... I wanted MOAR! D: But I suppose the only thing Lynne's interested in is food.

In terms of game play, it's just simple dragging and clicking (Hence they released an iPhone version of it with special additions - only available in Japan though (As usual). It does get harder as you go on though, and you'll need to think outside the box. Alot of trial and error near 3/4 way throughout the game (That "Stop the driver" scene is a killer). Unfortunately there's no fast forward button... hence if you messed up, you need to watch the whole full animation again for the cue. orz

The whole going back in time, and going back within time reminds me of the movie Inception alot! XD I suppose that's what makes it felt so EPIC. (The clock in the Time reverse scene reminds me of Sigma Harmonic... which reminds me I need to finish the game. ^^; ) But the ending scene threw me off abit (ARGH I need to draw a timeline for this) when Ray was given out hints/explaining the other version of what happened on the night. And concluding it the PW way! Showing all the character's path after what happened and a pretty group photo at the end! <333

I hope they consider making a sequel for Ghost Trick, because I'd definitely want to see more of Sissel and Lynne! (Or simply just wanted to play more games with good stories orz)

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