[iPhone] Ikemen Seiyuu Jimusho kara no Dasshutsu

Spy at Ikemen Seiyuu Agency

Brought to you by Toshio Kaneishi. This is one of those simple yet silly escape room game which includes finding a cat, saving a seiyuu, escaping the toilet and looking for the culprit! Not too much voice acting involved since the character doesn't come with voice... but the characters are definitely good looking. lol I only wish they throw in some romance between the heroine with ikemen character... though saying that, the title would have been Otome game Agency instead. lol
I wish the drawing is abit more consistent... lol

Hirano Ami is a newbie spy who went through training for a year at the underground world. And finally, she have a job and her mission is as a new female seiyuu talent, was to go and spy on the talent agency that the ikemen seiyuu belongs to. When she arrived to the agency, the agency president Nerima Daisuke asked her to find "Nyaata" as part of the test of entering their agency. It's her first time being a spy but it'll be alright because when stuck, thankfully, the boss (Code name T) will give her hints! Find all the hidden routes and solve all the mysteries!

Nerima Daisuke
Shinagawa Yuuichi
Chiba Hiroshi
Adachi Tomokazu

Pretty fancy looking for an agency... looks more like someone's fancy home.

As with other escape room games, tap on unusual looking object to see what they are. Items obtained could be use some where as part of the puzzle so make sure you use them! Items picked up to five items could be held.

The map that is abit hard to navigate...

* Remember to use the map to navigate around! Some areas are harder to get to.
* Take note of red keywords as they are hints for solving puzzles!
* Worst case scenario, watch a short ad to get hints!

The only time I felt that it is an escape room game was when you were trying to get out of the toilet! I mean, who would want to be stuck inside the toilet! lol Not to mention someone was in it for a long time (Well it took long before I could unlock it). Haha I guess at least you don't need to worry about toilet breaks... something I had in mind when ever I do escape room was don't drink too much water. lol

To add to the puzzle part... reading on to the reviews, some keen eye seiyuu fans have noted the fictional characters might be spin off from the existing seiyuu. Such as Ono DAISUKE, Kamiya HIROSHI, Tsugita TOMOKAZU and Nakamura YUUICHI! Not to mention that Hiroshi acutally owns a cat called NYAA-san! Coincidence? I think not! lol Now the only question remains is, who AMI really is based from! XD

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