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Nameko shop! Choose your Occupation!

Brought to you by Beesworks games! At last! I read it on the Nameko monthly newspaper that I got from the shop at Tokyo Character Street at Tokyo Station earlier this year. This is the new puzzle game they have been working on. Though they postponed and postponed, and it is here at last!

I'm actually quite a fan of Nameko since Osawari Tantei (aka Touch Detective). Prior to the games, I just thought it looks very ugly. lol There are a few good spin off games while they have no other games planned on consoles. I never got around to writing up for the Saibai series but the other spin offs all have different game plays which makes their spin off games even more worth while! Spin off games includes Nameko no su (See my post here) and NameYon Nameko no Dassatsu game (See my post here)!
Zenryoku Nameko!

Nameko was getting tired of his current sales job and that's when he was offer a new job opportunity at a new island where he could become his own boss! Without a second thought he resigned and set off to the new island. Upon arriving to the island by sea, he was told that the costs of transport costs him 1,000,000 NP! Without much of a choice, he started working as a baker to pay off the debt...

This explains why that Nameko have that face. lol So evil!

More than two of the same blocks to clear. Luckily it's not hard to identify them as they'll be linked by a coloured line automatically by the game! Try to link as much as possible before the customer wither (Count downs to Zero) and tap on the big linked blocks to trigger bonus!

They sure consume alot...

Special items are given upon big linked blocks clear and to get them you need to:
* Clear 10 blocks to get special item Tree Log which when activated, it glides up & down or left & right direction and replace it with blocks of what the customer wants.
* Clear 16 blocks to get special item Bomb which when activated would explode and replace it with blocks of what the customer wants.
* Clear 22 blocks to get special item Star Nameko Witch which when activated, would send 3 random stars and replace it with blocks of what the customer wants.

* Remember to activate skills (as they're unlocked) at each day!
* Try to clear bulk blocks up the top. Since wherever you tap could become the special item for your next tap!
* Watch a short ad daily to trigger bonus x1.2 times NP saving for 10 minutes! Otherwise you could still play it without internet! XD
* Watch a short ad when triggered to double the NP received!
* Change your occupation as you rank up! There's no point in going back!
* Try to accumulate the special items next to one another. Generally you could use the bomb to trigger the other ones so you save on one move count! XD

I love how they did the first job as tutorial sample since you will be leaving it behind (That's why you quit in the first place right?!). lol It took me 18 ranks before I could change my occupation, not to mention I never got to the improved version of the bread! lol And you don't have alot of choices to start off since it requires a dorayaki for each new job certification! Now I'm a book store manager! lol I guess as you progresses, the job pay would gradually increase as well?

I'm glad they don't count the number of days, because if they do, there will be no way they could repay the debt along with the costs that's involved. So far the average have been 150NP nett (10% of your earnings are used to pay debt) since you could only serve 5 customers per day... so approximately 6500 days and if you play 10 games per day, this game should last you for at least 1.5 - 2 years IRL! XD Not to mention they have up to Definitely great for fans or just generally looking for a cute game. If you would excuse me now, I'm going back for more! Can't wait until I go through all the 27 occupations... and the ending is probably Nameko returning to his first job but as a boss!

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