[iPhone] Who is Zombie

Take them in or leave them out!

Brought to you by Cindyzstudio! Interestingly, you couldn't find this game online since the title is without any space! i.e. WhoIsZombie. There's also the Japanese title Who's Zombie, just to make it even more difficult to tell what the real title is. lol. Thankfully, the differentiation gameplay within the game isn't as complicated as its title. XD
That's a zombie out there alright...

A civilian shelter was built to protect humans from zombies since the Government's mass care shelter was over Crowded. Aiden's job as the new supervisor is to differentiate the humans from the zombies and those infected by the zombie virus and survive 30 days of unexpected events! His choices will determine the future of the shelter...

Our Protag! Is it just me or he looks like the guy from Virtua Cop? XD

The game is quite simple. Sort incoming people to safe humans and infected humans/zombies as they look different. So check their appearance to decide whether they are infected or not, and take notice of their response of where they come from as they could come from suspicious contaminated places! Save enough population to pass the stage!

If only during apocalypse that people still have their own photo and personal information identifications (Passport? lol)... which are very handy. lol

Before each day starts, there are useful information that changed the condition of the safety measures published on magazines, news!

* Read the news before each stage starts since it contains very useful updated information of the changes that occurred!

Much like the Zombies Mansion on Nintendo Switch, where you control the elevator and try to save people from being bitten by zombies by arriving before they get bitten! Except this one is less exciting since there's only a time limit, no chaser and you don't need to unload them to the ground level! It does makes you feel like the supervisor of a shelter since you have the authority to accept or decline people!

To be honest, if you think about it, in a situation like this, how accurate will the papers be? lol And who updates them anyway?! What if the zombies out smarts the humans!? XD Ok I'll stop. lol But regardless, it's a quick short game that's worth while playing due to the good setting and story line.

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