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Who Killed Komadori?

Brought to you by SEEC Inc! I actually haven't finished their other title Tsumugi Logic (See my post here)... lol This one is loosely based on the English nursery rhyme Who Killed Cock Robin!

It's one of story heavy title like Tasokare Hotel (See my post here)! Again I was meant to play the Shimeshin (It was downloaded on my old iPhone previously) and Kangoku Shounen (I still got this one on my current phone though), but never ended up doing so. X'D I guess that's when the drawings improved and urge me to play them before playing the old ones again. lol

Robin arrived to an old castle where it's known for a nest of monsters servants are gathered. She woke up without much memory, so she began staying at the castle as a Maid. One night, Robin went out of her room and came across a voice through a locked room. There she witnesses something that gave her an unpleasant feeling and she couldn't quite put into words. The people in the castle call it "Komadori", but everyone is forbidden to speak of it. As Robin starts to look into the hidden truth as suggested by the voice behind the locked room, slowly she discover the secret of the castle...

Deive Von Waldstein
Meel & Reeg
Jack & Owle

Gothic Horror novel game!! Gothic yes, horror, probably not so much but more like goosebumps. With 8 different endings, the ending is in your hands... choose the answer that would lead you to one of the ending. Be it the truth if that's what you seek, or simply madness...

I've chosen this picture to give you a sense of false impression of where the game is heading. lol

Silver candles are used to recover the HP, otherwise just let the time elapse!

It was interesting read when I did some look up to the keywords mentioned in the stories. "Komadori" is a type of Japanese Robin bird, which really suits the theme of the story! They recommend playing with headphones, but I didn't. lol I actually had to switch off the sound when it comes to the Komadori part. Does feel creepy when you don't know the place and other people. And to top it, everyone seems to know abit about the Komadori and the fact that some asks you to run away.

There are a few down side to this game is the required HP for each sub-chapters, it just keeps increasing. lol Not to mention the lack of skip when you have unlocked the other endings. Not sure if you notice, but between each chapter, there is a red watermark of a bird (I assume it's a Robin!) as a nice little touch to match the theme!

*Spoiler Alert*
To be honest, the Komadori is really just a blob of blurriness. lol No longer as scary when you get to the ending. Particularly when you find out who really killed the Komadori and what Komadori really is! I wasn't expecting it at all! And the thing with these multi ending stories, you would think they are lead to a ending quite differently. But in fact, it actually build up the whole picture! Including the last one in the character profiles!
*Spoiler Ends*

Also available on Nintendo Switch if mobile game isn't your thing! But why play on Switch when it's completely free to play on mobile... well for the higher res graphics I guess. :P

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