[Android] Pokemon Rumble Rush

Pokemon Scramble SP

Brought to you by The Pokemon Company! The game is an upgraded version of the original 3DS game (See my post here). Although saying that, the background seems to be better made in the old version and there are more statistics and Pokemon each stage. X'D

The only thing that have been improved are the Pokemon I guess! So this one is for those who loves Pokemon and got to catch them all!
Is it just me or does the title looks like three separate things. lol

You have been contacted by Callie from the Adventurers Club and your job is to help the camp by catching Pokemon!

I feel like we should be able to tell which area have what Pokemon prior to landing. lol The goal is the catch the required Pokemon with the required CP in order to battle the Super Boss!

Use Search feather to Search for an area to catch Pokemon in that specific area. Once an area is searched, you could play it as many times as you like. Again, you as the Pokemon was sent off to the search field in a hot air balloon.

Tap the screen to get your Pokemon to attack. Hold and release to unleash special attacks which have a higher chance of knock out!

Upgrade Pokemon with ores! Refine the ore to get power gears that makes your Pokemon stronger or as summon gear that for a powerful move.

* Replay the Boss battle to get more Search feather!
* Say goodbye those Pokemon you don't need! The default storage is 100 at the moment. So you have plenty to spare because you need to release them to the camp. Though saying that, you earn 1 points per Pokemon released!
* Keep Pokemon with high CP or higher star ranking special attacks.
* Use the recommended area for searching.

This one have become even more fast paced compared to the one on 3DS. Less story, and more specific goals driven. It's also easier to control now that your Pokemon will automatically run towards the enemies. Interestingly, I felt betrayed by the Mii character now. Since they dump you (Pokemon) there and leave. I didn't even have enough time to screen capture them so that's how quickly they dump and fly away, as if they have a jet pack. lol There was no bond nor do I ever seen them standing next to one another. Not to mention I never get to see their faces (Is it because I haven't linked my Nintendo account? lol). The search feather looks like it came from pigeon. lol Isn't it just the fly skill for flying Pokemon to get to those newly search places?

I think the 3D models have gotten cuter overall, but I must say Meowth was pretty fail. lol The Pokemon are rated now, thought SR is like pretty rare. Personally I prefer the previous version, since at least it motivates you to bring your 3DS out! Now if I were to bring it out I could hardly see any other players... orz

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