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Puzzle x Layton

Brought to you by AXEL GAME Entertainment! First thought was Professor Layton... having played it I think it's more Layton's Mystery Journey aka Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy (See my post here). I was relatively surprised it's not released by Level-5 as the art style resembles it in my opinion! Unlike the mentioned titles, this one is a match 3 puzzle game which relies on more strategy and luck rather than actual thinking!
I get a feeling the characters standing on the colour pieces are all characters that have a special skills we could use... So far I could use Lily, Carlos and Poirrot.

The story follows Lily who set out on a journey alone to find her dad, who lost contact with after he went to New York City. Recommended by her grandma, she went to Poirrot Detective Office at New York City. There she met Detective Carlos where they are pulled into series of incidents which involves Phantom X...

Interestingly their convo is in English while the game is in Japanese... though I guess mostly because of the character's nationality despite the game is in Japanese. XD

Phantom X

Match 3 or more tiles to clear. The more you clear, they will transform into various tiles that could be use to assist clearing other tiles!

The various items that could be triggered includes rocket (which clears tiles in a cross), bomb (which clears tiles surrounding it), bucket bomb (which clears even more tiles surrounding it) and a star (which clears a specific tile when you swap it with the star).

You have a maximum of 5 hearts which they will only be used when you had to replay the puzzle. It takes 30 minutes for 1 heart to be replenished or could be replenished immediately upon file completion. I was abit disappointed when they recover it when my hearts bar was full. I wish it accumulates. lol

* Do the daily Roulette for rewards! Resets every every 24 hours.
* Tap around the screen to find all the hidden coins (+10 coins per one found)! Thankfully, they're shiny so you could spot them from time to time if you decided not to massive tap everything like I do. lol
* Make sure you take note of the requirements for puzzle clear!
* Use the items to assist puzzle clear! IT ranges from rockets, star and start & bucket bomb.
* Use those coins to extend the moves by 5 (900 for first extension, 1200 for second and comes with free bomb)! Though it may be worthwhile just burning a Heart and start over with an item to assist. lol

I think I've been playing alot of puzzle games recently. lol Is it a trend or is Google play is starting to pick up the trend that I'm playing all these games. lol Unlike the other puzzle game, sadly the items could not be used with one another. i.e. there is no change in the item's effect when you swap the item tiles around as seen in Runway Story (See my post here). However, some items could still be triggered by one another. particularly with the bomb, hence the bomb is my favourite item to use. lol Then again it depends on the requirement for puzzle clear.

There are 5 files in total, with the prologue as File 0. On top of that, make sure you read those side stories! Those side stories are the gem! It gives you more insight to the character's backgrounds and personality! I have yet to finish the game (I'm on 3rd File at the moment), but at the moment there isn't any clues about Lily's missing dad... unless he's actually Phantom X!? XD *insert Dark Vadar's "I'm your father voice"*

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