[Android] Ore No Kioku Ni Kanojo Wa Inai

My girlfriend doesn't exist in my memory

Brough to you by my favourite mini game company SEEC Inc! I was meant to play this one before Choice x Darling (See my post here) since it was released. However upon downloading first time it keeps black out on me. Only recently did I felt like I'll give it another shot since I really do like the artworks! XD

To my surprise, this time it goes more along the thriller theme like Kagoniwa no Cock Robin (See my post here). To top it, there are also minor escape room type of puzzles to do before progressing further...!
First glance I thought the story was about two girls fighting to be his girlfriend. lol

Akito (Name changeable) woke up in the hospital with a mysterious girl who was looking after him. Due to a certain incident, he lost his memory of everything that happened from the past 3 years. The mysterious girl - Kino Hina - claim that she is his girlfriend and they have been dating for at least 2 years now but Akito have no recollection of anything. Desperate to recover his memories he decided to get out of the Hospital. Having accessing his own phone, he note all his contacts were erased... could he trust Hina?



The story starts from one year on 15th of February where you need to avoid dead end (stay alive) for a week. It's so easy to die off I kind of got used to it happening in the game!? lol

Childhood friend who you still remember...

With up to 40 endings in total, fill the mental parameter (ranges between -1 to 5 points per option selected) to reach the various 3 ultimate endings 0-39%, 40-79%, 80-100%.

* Watch ads on the Yon Tube twice daily to get the item that shows the answer
* Watch ads whenever they don't need you to burn Life points or allows you to gain 15 life points! Trust me, you could accelerate the story alot faster compared to 5 minutes per 1 life point!

I marathon this one since it's so good! To be honest I think it's really hard to get under 39% and not being killed off. So the first ending you're likely to reach, like myself, the Sad End. Though when you reach this end, there are still alot of questions which remains unsolved. XD So right on to the spoiler!

Spoiler Alert
The story wasn't what I expected! I thought it was Hina being Yandere all the way until I reached the Sad End which made me believe she just have a split personality. lol I did notice that "Hina" have the beauty spot hidden abit by the hair from time to time, and here I through was just that the artist was being inconsistent. lol Originally I was leaning towards Akane being the main love interest, until seeing the true ending! XD The true ending is so worth it! I mean it's so long! XD Not to mention, having replay the game again, that the first "Hina" that Akito sees is actually "Natsuki" (Because of the beauty spot)?! To be honest it's pretty creepy how they've been apart for so many years and they still manage to look the same! Though saying that I'm not an expert with identical twins but I did see some documentaries that if they live in a different environment they would have differences.

Fun facts, you could learn alot about other characters by going through the phone calendar and email messages! Is it just me or did other people also picked up the password for the LIME login is the same as Hina's mobile phone's last digits!?
Spoiler Ends

There is the side story which is only unlocked upon payment... I'm curious at the same time yet I didn't want to pay the price even though this game itself was free... lol Let's hope someone could finish it and comes back and tell us what the side stories are. As there are 5 CGs in total, it probably featuring all the side characters - Akito's younger self with Akane and why they lost contacts with one another, Shougo's deal with Akito, Shuu's argument with Akito, how Akito meet Suzu... or maybe simply the forgotten memories?!

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